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Study Board FAQ



I do not know my User ID or Password.

Your account information (User ID and Password) may be retrieved by using the "Lost your password?" link on the log-on page. Your account information will be emailed to your WKU email account.


I did not receive an email with my account information.

If your email spam filters prevented delivery of the email, you may want to check your "junk" email folder for the information. If the information is not there, adjust your spam filters to allow delivery from the Study Board system and use the "Lost your password?" link to the left (or on the log-on page) to request your account information.


I am not in PSYS 100 or PSY 100, but I need an account.

If you were previously issued a Study Board account (Spring 2006 or after), you may use the same account information to access the Study Board. If this is the case, You will have to select the appropriate course setting in order for your credits to be applied to your current course.

Otherwise, please complete the Account Request online form. After the account is created, your account information (User ID and Password) will be emailed to you. Check with your instructor to be sure research credit is given before requesting an account


I can not find a study/There are no studies available.

New timeslots are posted daily. Keep checking the Study Board for opportunities. You may also sign up to take article quizzes for research credit.


I did not get credits for a study.

It can take a day or two for credit from a study to appear in your account. However, if you have not received credit for a study after that time, you should contact the researcher. Only the researcher can update credits from a study You can get the researcher's contact information from the sign-up information given in your Study Board account. The Study Board Administrator cannot grant credit for research participation. You may contact the Adminstrator if you cannot resolve the problem with the researcher.


I signed-up for a study, but I cannot attend.

You may cancel a session by going to your account, click on My Schedule and Credits, and click the link to cancel the session. Alternatively, you can contact the researcher. You must cancel a scheduled session at least 24 hours in advance. If there are any problems in meeting a scheduled session, you must notify the researcher at least 2 hours in advance of the session. The contact information for the researcher is listed with the study information for each study on the My Schedule and Credits page. Failure to cancel a session or notify the researcher will result in a no-show.

If there is ever a problem with attending a research session, the researcher should always be notified as soon as possible.


I missed a study I was supposed to attend.

If you do not show-up for a scheduled session or if you are late for the session without notifying the researcher, a no-show will be given. No-show behavior disrupts research  and makes scheduling more difficult for other students who could have participated in the missed session.

Acquiring two no-shows will result in exclusion from any further Study Board research participation for the remainder of the semester and immediate cancellation of any other sessions scheduled via the Study Board. Excluded students may still obtain research credits via the alternative assignment.

If you are classified as a no-show for any study, you may appeal this classification within 48 hours of the incident by submitting, via email, a written statement outlining the reason(s) for this behavior to the Study Board Administrator


How do I verify how many credits I earned?

Each student is responsible for verifying her own credits. From your Study Board account and go to My Studies and Credits. Your credits and the course assignment for each credit should be listed. To verify the course assignment, look at the Credits Earned per Course box. The number in this box should equal the total number of credits earned for your course. If you have credits assigned to other courses (or Not Assigned) you will want to Reassign those credits to your PSYS or PSY 100 (or appropriate course) before the end of the semester. Unassigned credits do no count toward the research requirement. Please be sure all of your credits are assigned to the correct course.

To Reassign credits, simply click the "Reassign" link next to the study credits in your list of credits and select the correct course from the drop-down menu. Then, click the "Reassign Credit" button. Your course number should now be listed next to the study on the list of credits.

If, for some reason, there is a discrepancy between the number of credits recorded in your Study Board account and the number of credits you believed you earned, you should contact the Study Board Administrator as soon as possible in order to resolve the difference. Any discrepancies must be resolved before the course instructor submits grades.


What happens if I do not get all of my credits this semester? /
I need to make-up an "incomplete" from last semester.

For a step-by-step description of how to remove an incomplete in PSYS or PSY 100 that was caused by an incomplete research requirement, click here.

All credits must be earned by the deadlines listed on the Study Board. If you do not complete the research requirement by those deadlines, you will receive a grade of Incomplete ('X') for the class. Failing to complete the research requirement does not affect your earned grade. However, a grade for the course will not be reported until you complete the research requirement. You must complete the research requirement and have the 'X' removed within twelve (12) weeks of the subsequent full term (Fall or Spring) or you will be given a grade of 'F'.

To complete the requirement, you will simply have to earn any remaining credits either by participating in research studies or by taking quizzes over research articles during the next full-term Study Board. For example, if you did not complete the requirement during Fall semester and were given an Incomplete, you may participate in research or take article quizzes during the first twelve weeks of Spring semester to complete the requirement.

In order to earn the missing credits, you will first need to contact the Study Board administrator at the beginning of the following semester to have your account reactivated. After that, you can participate in research or take article quizzes at times posted on the Study Board. After you complete the missing credits, you must complete the Grade Change online form to have the grade change submitted. Your grade will not be automatically changed.


I have concerns about something that happened during a study.

In the advent that a researcher fails to attend a session, that you believe you have been treated unfairly by a researcher, or that you have concerns about any aspect of research participation, you may submit an official complaint to the Study Board Administrator. Complaints must be type written and signed by the student. The complaint should detail all events that occurred during the research session. The Study Board administrator will review the complaint and follow-up.

Informal questions or complaints may be emailed to the Study Board Administrator.

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