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Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science

Climb Higher with a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science.

Are you interested in a psychology degree that will prepare you for graduate study or for employment in jobs requiring excellent research, communication, and quantitative skills?

The Psychological Sciences Department offers a well-rounded, cutting-edge, and student-centered education in the discipline of psychology, including:

  • A broad array of psychology courses that cover all the major topics in the field and meets all of the American Psychological Association’s guidelines for the undergraduate degree.
  • Unique hands-on lab experiences that help students learn valuable skills that prepare them for careers in both the science and practice of psychology.
  • Opportunities to work closely with faculty on research projects, present work at national conferences, and even obtain funding to lead your own research project.
  • Individual, personal advising from award-winning faculty on which degree concentrations and career paths are best for you.
  • Highly knowledgeable faculty to answer questions about preparing for graduate study in counseling, medical school, experimental psychology, social work, neuroscience, occupational therapy, industry/occupational psychology, and much more.

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in the Department of Psychological Science

Applied Psychological Science

The Applied Psychological Science concentration focuses on applying principles of psychological science to solve real-world problems and enhance performance in business, sports, or human engineering. 

Biobehavioral Psychology

The Biobehavioral Psychology concentration emphasizes the scientific study of the neural and brain mechanisms that enable mind, consciousness, and behavior. 

Clinical Psychological Science

The Clinical Psychological Science concentration focuses on mechanisms and causes of psychological health and dysfunction.

Cognitive Psychology

The Cognitive Psychology concentration emphasizes the scientific study of mental processes such as attention, perception, memory, problem-solving, thinking, and language. 

Developmental Science

The Developmental Science concentration addresses the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, perceptual, and personality growth of humans throughout the lifespan.


The Neuroscience concentration is an interdisciplinary concentration that emphasizes neuroscience and includes courses investigating the brain from the level of cellular biology to higher order psychological systems. 

This concentration requires more than 48 hours, so students do not need a minor or second major. Students in this concentration do not select another concentration within the Psychological Science Major.

Social Psychology

The Social Psychology concentration emphasizes the study of how social situations affect behavior. 

Quantitative Psychology

The Quantitative Psychology concentration focuses on use of advanced data manipulation and statistical analysis techniques within psychological science to examine discipline-specific research questions. 

No minor or second major and no second Psychological Science concentration are required. MATH 136 (Calculus 1) is required for this concentration. 


The General concentration provides a flexible format for students to design their own concentration in consultation with their advisor. 

Students who choose to design a custom concentration should select 12-24 hours from courses not used to satisfy their Core requirements.



Featured Psychological Science Courses

Description and analysis of how actual decisions differ from optimal decisions. Survey of judgments under risk and uncertainty and of major topics in judgment research. Note: Permission of instructor may be required.

Prerequisite(s): (PSYS 210 or PSY 210) and (PSYS 211 or PSY 211)

Concentration(s): Applied Psychological Science, Clinical Psychological Science, Social Psychology

Overview of the major theoretical approaches to the study of personality, including historical as well as contemporary theorists, avenues of analysis, and concepts. Note: Permission of instructor may be required.

Prerequisite(s): PSYS 100 (PSY 100 or PSYS 100 or PSYC 100C)

Restriction(s): Students with a semester level of Academy Junior, Academy Senior, Freshman or Sophomore may not enroll.

Concentration(s): Applied Psychological Science, Clinical Psychological Science, Social Psychology

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Headshot of Grace Salloum.

The best part of my experience in Psychological Sciences so far would be my time working in [professors’ research labs], specifically during the WKU Student Scholar Showcase. Preparing my research for the showcase and practicing with my lab mates allowed me to feel confident for my first presentation and learn about the plethora of research that my undergraduate and graduate friends had been working on all semester. Attending the Showcase with all of them, and other supportive faculty, was a staple moment in my academic journey.

Grace Salloum, WKU Senior

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