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Philosophy Major

Philosophy, thought Socrates, begins with the recognition that an unexamined life is not worth living.  Accordingly, those who study philosophy question how to understand ourselves and our relationships to other persons, to society, to nature, to the universe, and, for some, to God.

Philosophy develops our ability to challenge the obvious, trains us to analyze and synthesize ideas, and shows us both how to defend and how to criticize normative claims about actions, policies, and ways of life.  By carefully examining and discussing both traditional and contemporary works, it cultivates habits of honest reflection, careful reasoning, and clear thinking.


Major Requirements

The major in philosophy (# 745) requires a minimum of 31 sems. hours and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. At least 16 hrs must be taken in courses numbered 300 or above. 

[ Students entering prior to Fall 2018:
   see iCap for requirements ]
 I. Logic, Epistemology, & Metaphysics (6 hrs)  
          PHIL 214: Logic, Argument, & Practical
          PHIL 315: Philosophy of Religion  
          PHIL 330: Philosophy of Science  
          PHIL 332: Philosophy of Mind: Minds
                            & Machines
          PHIL 334: Philosophy of Language  
          PHIL 404: Metaphysics & Epistemology  
          PHIL 415: Advanced Logic  
 II. History of Philosophy (6 hrs)  
          PHIL 331: Early Analytic Philosophy  
          PHIL 341: Plato and Aristotle  
          PHIL 342: Skeptics, Stoics, & Epicureans  
          PHIL 343: Medieval Philosophy  
          PHIL 344: Early Modern Moral Philosophy  
          PHIL 345: Descartes & Hume  
          PHIL 346: Kant & Idealism  
          PHIL 347: Leibniz & Locke
          PHIL 348: 20th Century Philosophy  
          PHIL 406: Existentialism   
          PHIL 440: Readings in Ancient / Medieval
           PHIL 450: Readings in Modern / 
                             Contemporary Philosophy
 III. Ethics and Values (6 hrs) 
          PHIL 202: Racial Justice  
          PHIL 207: Philosophy and Popular Culture  
          PHIL 208: Philosophy of Public Space  
          PHIL 211: Why Are Bad People Bad?  
          PHIL 212: Philosophy & Gender Theory  
          PHIL 305: Aesthetics
          PHIL 322: Biomedical Ethics  
          PHIL 323: Social Ethics  
          PHIL 324: War and Peace  
          PHIL 333: Marx & Critical Theory  
          PHIL 344: Early Modern Moral Philosophy  
          PHIL 350: Ethical Theory  
          PHIL 406: Existentialism  
          PHIL 426: Philosophy & Old Age  
          PHIL 427: Philosophy of Law  
 IV. Senior Seminar (1 hr)  
          PHIL 496: Senior Seminar (1 hr) *   
 V. Electives (12 hrs)  
  --> Any philosophy course (see above & in 
       Catalogue) including the following:
            PHIL 101: Enduring Questions:
                              Truth & Relativism
            PHIL 102: Enduring Questions:
                              the Good & the Beautiful
            PHIL 103: Enduring Questions:
                              the Committed Life
            PHIL 499: Independent Research
                              in Philosophy
  --> Any/all of the following RELS courses:   
            RELS 242: Meaning of Life: Atheism to Zen  
            RELS 317: Confucianism  
            RELS 318: Daoism  
*  Required Course  |  Note: Senior Seminar may be taken independently, or it may 'piggy-back' on top of
    another PHIL course in which students are concurrently enrolled. In both cases, students must specifically 
    enroll for it .

Advisement : Michael J. Seidler | Cherry Hall 322 | (270) 745-5756 | e-mail: michael.seidler@wku.edu 


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