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3 - Business & Finance Policies

3.1 :: CFO

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.1015Travel PolicyDownloadOct 2nd, 2015
3.1020Reimbursement For Employee Travel To/from Regional CampusesDownloadSep 22nd, 2014
3.1103Discretionary SpendingDownloadJul 30th, 2018
3.1202Moving Expense Reimbursement PolicyDownloadJan 1st, 2012
3.1301Comprehensive Debt PolicyDownloadNov 30th, 2015

3.2 :: Accounting

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.2011Inter-Departmental TransactionsDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.2030Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, And Write-offDownloadFeb 8th, 2018
3.2511Grants And Contracts Accounting - General Policies And ProceduresDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2520Audits of Restricted FundsDownloadJun 30th, 2014
3.2530Cash Management ProceduresDownloadJun 30th, 2014
3.2540Grants And Contracts Accounting- Cost Accounting StandardsDownloadJun 30th, 2014
3.2550Grants And Contracts Accounting- Inter-account InstructionsDownloadJun 30th, 2014
3.2560Grants And Contracts Accounting- Federal Funds DrawdownDownloadJun 30th, 2014
3.2611Grants And Contracts Accounting - Budget MonitoringDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2621Grants And Contracts Accounting - Capitalized EquipmentDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2630Grants And Contracts Accounting - Carry Forward & Extending An AwardDownloadMay 9th, 2016
3.2641Grants And Contracts Accounting - Closeout And Record RetentionDownloadMay 9th, 2016
3.2650Grants And Contracts Accounting - Cost Sharing And In-kind MatchDownloadMay 9th, 2016
3.2661Grants And Contracts Accounting - Indirect CostsDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2671Grants And Contracts Accounting - Modifying An AwardDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2681Grants And Contracts Accounting - Time And Effort Reporting And Effort CertificationDownloadJun 13th, 2016
3.2691Grants And Contracts Accounting - Purchasing Policies And ProceduresDownloadMay 16th, 2016
3.2711Grants And Contracts Accounting - Sub-recipientsDownloadMay 16th, 2016

3.3 :: Bursar

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.3012Cash OperationsDownloadSep 12th, 2016
3.3101Credit Card MerchantsDownloadApr 10th, 2017
3.3201Payment Card Industry (pci) Data Security Standard (dss) ComplianceDownloadApr 12th, 2017

3.4 :: Payroll

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.4012Form 16: Special Payroll AuthorizationDownloadJan 1st, 2013

3.5 :: Purchasing

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.5011Code Of EthicsDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5101Purchasing PolicyDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5111Purchasing From EmployeesDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5121Emergency PurchasesDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5202Procurement CardDownloadFeb 1st, 2019
3.5301ConstructionDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5401PrintingDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5501Personal Services and Other Service ContractsDownloadDec 4th, 2017
3.5511ContractsDownloadFeb 9th, 2017
3.5521Purchase By Competitive NegotiationDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5531Purchase By Competitive Sealed BidDownloadJul 15th, 2001
3.5541Purchase By Non-competitive Negotiation Sole SourceDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5551Bid ProtestDownloadJul 15th, 2011
3.5601University Property AccountabilityDownloadOct 1st, 2013

3.6 :: Tax Compliance

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision

No policies for this category.

3.7 :: Insurance

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.7011Policy For Use Of Vehicles Insured By The UniversityDownloadJul 15th, 2011

3.8 :: Budget

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.8011Carry Forward Of Year-End Funds PolicyDownloadMar 27th, 2017

3.9 :: Internal Audit

Policy NumberPolicyDownloadRevision
3.9011Office Of Internal Audit Policy & ProceduresDownloadAug 21st, 2015

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