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Bachelor of Science in Child Studies

Family & Consumer Sciences, Child Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences, Child Studies Concentration, is designed to develop understanding of children and their needs. Students gain knowledge of the intellectual, physical, social and emotional principles critical to working with children.

The program, which leads to the bachelor of science degree, includes courses on nutrition, family relations, developing age appropriate curriculum, child development and assessment,  and parenting. Students will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge through practical experiences in a variety of settings through the required internship.

Starting your bachelor's degree program can be completed by following the steps below:

  • Apply for admission 
  • Submit Required Materials:
    • Beginning Freshmen: An official high school transcript (no faxed transcripts accepted) and ACT or SAT scores. Students over the age of 21 may substitute the ACCUPLACER for ACT/SAT.
    • Transfer Students: Send your official transcripts from each college attended to Undergraduate Admissions: You may request electronic transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse. This speeds up the admissions process considerably. If your school is not listed with the Clearinghouse, please contact them directly to see if they have another process in place for electronic submissions or request that an official copy be sent by mail. Transfer students with fewer than 24 semester hours of college credit earned, must also submit high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores.

To Apply to WKU:

Complete the WKU Domestic and International Undergraduate Application

Under Planned Course of Study Section, Choose:

  1. Category of Study >>> Bachelor's Degree
  2. Planned Course of Study >>> Family & Consumer Sciences
  3. Concentration >>> Child Studies
  4. Primary Location >>> Online

Admission Application Deadlines

Kentucky and Out-of-State Residents

  • Fall Semester: August 1
  • Spring Semester: January 1
  • Summer Term: May 1

International Students

  • Fall Semester: April 1
  • Spring Semester: September 1
  • Summer Term: March 1

Program Requirements

This four year degree requires 120 hours of course credit in general education or Colonnade requirements, courses in the major (51 credit hours) and courses in the minor.

(Please note - of the 120 hours needed to graduate, 42 of those must be at the 300 level or above!)

Below is a list of courses required in the Child Studies concentration:

Child Studies Major Requirements

  • HMD 211 (formerly FACS 211): Human Nutrition (Offered each semester)
  • FACS 180: Foundations in FCS (Face to Face Fall; online Spring and Summer)
  • FACS 191: Child Development (Face to face and online Fall and Spring; online Summer)
  • FACS 192: Working with Young Children & Families (Offered each semester)
  • FACS 292: Diversity in Early Childhood Programs (Fall only, online)
  • FACS 294: Assessment in Young Children (Fall face to face, and Spring online)
  • FACS 299: Administration of Early Childhood Programs (Spring only, online)
  • FACS 310: Management of Family Resources (Fall and Spring)
  • FACS 311: Family Relations (Fall and Spring)
  • FACS 312: Ethics for Family Life (online Spring)
  • FACS 380: Professional Presentation Techniques (Face to face Fall; online Summer)
  • FACS 399: Implications of Research (Fall only)
  • FACS 493: Family Life Education (Face to face Spring; online Summer)
  • FACS 494: Parenting Strategies (Face to face FALL: online Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • FACS 499: Issues in Family & Child Studies (online Spring)

Choose one:

FACS 393 Play & Child Development  


FACS 496 Challenging Behaviors (Offered online, Fall)

Major elective -- Below are classes that could be selected as the major elective. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • FACS 391 Risk and Resilience
  • FACS 393 Play and Child Development (if not used above)
  • FACS 395 Child and Family stress (Offered online Spring and Summer, also through WKU On-Demand)
  • FACS 410 Internship
  • FACS 422 Adolescent Psychology (Offered online, Spring)
  • FACS 496 Challenging Behaviors (if not used above) (Offered online, Fall)
  • FACs 497 Family Home Visiting (Offered online, Spring)

Click here to see a Sample 4 year plan of the Child Studies major.

A Grade of "C" or better is required in all courses in the major.

Please Note: In addition to the courses listed above, the Child Studies Major requires a minor and 44 hours as part of the Colonnade (formerly General Education) program. Minors, as well as select Colonnade courses, are available online.Please work with your advisor or support staff in WKU Online to identify online options. 

There are also several minors available online. Please talk with an advisor to develop a program that best meets your needs.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Certain courses may be offered on a rotating basis, so please plan your program of study carefully. Contact Dr. Darbi Haynes-Lawrence at darbi.haynes-lawrence@wku.edu for additional information on course offerings.

Family & Consumer Sciences, Child Studies Concentration

Program Contact: Dr. Darbi Haynes-Lawrence
Phone: (270) 745-4352
Email: darbi.haynes-lawrence@wku.edu
Visit: wku.edu/ahs/childstudies/index.php

WKU Online

Phone: 270-745-5173
Email: learn.online@wku.edu

For more information about the program, fill out the form below.

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