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Colonnade Requirements Framework

Baccalaureate degree general education requirements (2014+) Framework:

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Foundations (18 credit hours):

  • College Composition (WC) – or English ACT ≥ 29 or SAT ≥ 650 on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (prior to March 2016) SAT ≥ 35 on Writing and Language (after March 2016)
  • Writing in the Discipline (WC)
  • Human Communication (OC)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – or Math ACT ≥ 26 or SAT ≥ 590 (prior to March 2016) SAT ≥ 610 (after March 2016)
  • Literary Studies (AH)
  • World History (SB)

Explorations (12 credit hours):

  • Arts & Humanities (AH)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB)
  • Natural and Physical Sciences (NS)
  • NS with lab (NS + SL)
  • Two different NS disciplines

Connections (9 credit hours - 3 courses from different disciplines, at 200+ level): Should complete 21 hours (Foundations and Explorations), OR have junior status before enrolling, as content builds on Foundations and Explorations courses.

  • Social and Cultural
  • Local to Global
  • Systems

Colonnade Layers


Baccalaureate degree general education requirements (2014+)  Framework:

Title of Tiers

Credit Hours

Description, Code & Credit Hours



 College Composition (WC)  (3)
 Writing in the Discipline (WC)  (3)
 Human Communications (OC)  (3)
 Quantitative Reasoning (QR)  (3)
 Literary Studies (AH)  (3)
 World History (SB)  (3)



 Arts & Humanities (AH)  (3)
 Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB)  (3)
 Natural & Physical Sciences (NS)  (3)
 NS with lab (SL)  (3)



 Social and Cultural (3)
 Local to Global (3)
 Systems (3)

Note:  Language Proficiency of novice-high before completing 60 credit hours. Learn more about the World Language Requirement.  The foreign language requirement is waived for students whose first language is not English, contingent upon successful completion of ENG 100, ENG 300 (or an approved 200-level or higher Writing in the Discipline course), COMM 145 and an additional 3 hours of coursework in Exploration or Connections courses as long as the course selected is not a foreign language class in the student’s native language. 


Associate degree general education requirements (2014+) Framework:

Category Description & Content Code

Credit Hours

 College Composition (WC)


 Arts & Humanities (AH)


 Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB)


 Quantitative Reasoning (QR) OR Natural & Physical Sciences (NS)


 One Course either Foundations OR Explorations


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