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Master of Science in Agriculture

This is a general degree in agriculture and can be thesis or non-thesis depending on student goals. The degree is general by design which allows for maximum flexibility for each student. View in Graduate Catalog. 

Biology, Certificate

This program is designed for individuals pursuing a career in biology who need up to 15 hours of graduate biology courses for professional training or accreditation. This certificate will equip its graduates with supplemental and enhanced knowledge and skills in biology to broaden their career opportunities. View in Graduate Catalog.


Master of Science in Biology

This program provides many opportunities in teaching, research, and public service and provides excellent preparation for many other areas of basic and applied sciences. The program offers students the option of a traditional thesis and a non-thesis option that incorporates distance-learning.  The non-thesis option is designed primarily for career-oriented students who are located off campus. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science in Chemistry

This program provides a unique learning and research environment and many opportunities for students to develop as independent researchers. Fifteen graduate faculty members provide personal and professional mentoring in an intrinsically collegial, yet challenging graduate experience. Available resources efficiently support the learning needs and academic ambitions of students with varied backgrounds and interests. The program is designed to offer students comprehensive training in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, coal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science in Geoscience

This program provides advanced professional training for careers as hydrologists, environmental resource managers, city and regional planners, engineering geologists, geophysical and geochemical geologists, meteorologists and climatologists, earth science teachers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, consultants in business and industry, and professional educators. The program also provides a scientific foundation for graduate students who plan to continue advanced studies leading to the Ph.D. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Arts in Mathematics

This online program is intended for students who are secondary teachers who already hold teacher certification and are seeking rank change through earning a Master's degree.  In addition, completion of this degree program would qualify the classroom teacher to teach WKU-offered dual credit mathematics courses at the high school level, teach at a community college or technical school, or pursue a PhD/EdD in mathematics education. View in Graduate Catalog.


Master of Science in Mathematics

This program offers three concentrations: general mathematics, computational mathematics, and mathematical economics, but has a core set of courses in applied mathematics, discrete mathematics, and statistics required for all students. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science in Homeland Security Sciences

This multidisciplinary program prepares science and technology professionals for careers in the Homeland Security area. The program features hands-on research components to enable students to apply their training to real-world problems. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science in Psychology

This program prepares students to pursue careers in business, research, or government settings, and/or to enter a doctoral program. View in Graduate Catalog.

Emergency Management Disaster Science, Certificate

This certificate program is designed to provide students with a strong technical knowledge base of the essential concepts of Incident Management. The program is designed as either a standalone certificate or for interdisciplinary incorporation into existing Masters, and Doctorate programs in Science and Engineering, Education, Leadership, and other disciplines. View in Graduate Catalog.


Scientific Data Analytics, Certificate

Technological advances have produced increasingly large datasets across a diverse range of scientific domains including biology, psychological science, and geography.  As a result, students in scientific disciplines need focused coursework in data analytics. This certificate will serve that need and document that students have acquired this expertise. View in Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science in Computer Science

This program is designed to provide post-graduate education for individuals seeking professional careers in computer science. Areas of emphasis are information systems, systems programming, computer networking, and algorithms. View in Graduate Catalog.


Master of Science in Engineering Management

This program develops leaders to support the needs of the modern world-wide industry. The curriculum enhances both career and personal objectives. Graduates of the program are equipped to manage organization resources, lead technological change, and strategically integrate higher level knowledge within their companies. View in Graduate Catalog.


Lean Sigma, Certificate

This 12-hour program provides preparation for professional certification and covers concepts, principles, and skills related to Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and total quality management. It is applicable for students and employees seeking Black/Green Belt or Lean certification. View in Graduate Catalog.




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