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Student Media

Students are encouraged to seek practical experience through work on student publications and broadcasting outlets, other campus publications, local media, and internships at newspapers, magazines, advertising firms, radio and television stations, businesses, public relations agencies and other institutions. Students may gain experience by working on the College Heights Herald, the campus newspaper; the Talisman, the yearbook; WWHR, a licensed non-commercial FM station managed and staffed by students; the student advertising and public relations agency Imagewest; and the NewsChannel 12 newscast, a 30-minute live campus cablecast. Qualified students may gain additional experience on campus through staff work at the National Public Radio station, WKYU-FM, or crew employment at the Public Broadcasting System associate member station, WKYU-TV24.

N E W S C H A N N E L 1 2       

Photo of two anchors on the new set.

NewsChannel12 is a 30 minute broadcast of news and sports events involving Western Kentucky University and its students. The program involves nearly fifty students in the School of Journalism & Broadcasting. On-air talent audition each semester for anchor positions. Student anchors, producers, photographers and reporters combine their resources to produce the program. All on-air and behind-the-scenes personnel rotate schedules to work on NewsChannel12. A faculty advisor oversees content and production. NewsChannel12 affords students the chance to have their work 'shown' to viewers. This means the opportunity to build their resume via professional media experience. Hundreds of former WKU broadcast students now work in a variety of media outlets around the country and NewsChannel12 enhances that tradition.

 The half hour student-produced television newscast airs on the following schedule

On-campus: WKU Residence Life Cable Channel 12

Tuesday and Wednesday   6:00 p.m.

Off-campus: WKYU-TV PBS Channel 24

Tuesday and Wednesday

Midnight (re-broadcast, 30 minutes)


Extra Point 

The half hour student-produced sports show airs on the following schedule

On-Campus: WKU Residence Life Cable Channel 12

Thursday 6:00 p.m.

Off-Campus: WKYU-TV PBS Channel 24

Thursday, 12:00 midnight                   


WWHR FM     WWHR-FM is Revolution 91.7

Revolution describes "a complete change." As such, the term accurately applies to the objective of college radio: to revolutionize the commercial audio landscape. We sculpt the future of music with subtle and stalwart strokes.

Revolution also identifies "the movement of a body in orbit." While college radio freely shapes the progression of music, it must do so with regard for its axis: the audience. We must sell the future of music to our listeners with a cutting-edge yet familiar quality so we do not alienate them.

Revolution 91.7 recognizes an intended audience of male and female adults aged 18-34 that attend Western Kentucky University, as well as young professionals in Bowling Green and its surrounding areas. Our listeners enjoy an active lifestyle at the university and in the community.

WWHR-FM delivers a commercial-free mix of progressive music that follows the national charts of the College Music Journal and then expands the rotation to address local tastes. Revolution 91.7 recalls the founding artists of college radio while exposing the contemporary underground. In addition, WWHR-FM features news, sports, and genre-specific programming.

Western iMedia

We're changing the face of journalism.

For many past generations, the implementations and practitioners of journalism have been consolidated within print and broadcast companies, the traditional mainstream media. The Internet and mobile have thoroughly disrupted those traditions, of course.

We are the new, adaptive storytellers — fusion journalists.

Fusion journalists combine the ethics, mission, production values and professionalism of quality editorial work with an atypical range of expertise in making that work more visual, more tangible, more accessible to a contemporary audience. We are digital natives. We are entrepreneurial journalists primed to work in the start-ups, spinoffs, NGOs, non-profits, social networks, digital divisions and corporate activities that are becoming society's new mainstream media. We don't just tell stories but produce the environments in which people engage with those stories across multiple technologies and platforms. Traditional journalists define themselves by a format specialty and are trained to work as lone wolves; fusion journalists contribute expertise across several formats but our real specialty is in innovation and collaboration. We are audience experts as well as story experts. Our job is to connect and inform. Our goal is journalism that gets noticed, because if it doesn't, what's the point? more...



Using innovative story-telling techniques and pushing the boundaries of online news, REDtv is WKU's newest platform for student media. REDtv began as a start-up in WKU's collaborative journalism iMedia program, working with students in WKU's broadcasting program. Together, they have started a unique site for non-traditional news video and a starting point for interaction amongst the WKU community.

REDtv's goal is to create content and stories that get noticed. The team tackles topics that are most interesting to the WKU community with perspectives that click with students on campus, catch the eye, and engage the audience.

Student Publications

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