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Finance has become the universal language of commerce - cutting across industries, countries, and circumstances. Finance is an indispensable tool for fueling innovation and economic growth and appropriately managing risk. The Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from WKU provides the skills necessary to work at a high level of expertise in finance, including asset management; commercial and investment banking; treasury management; international finance; and more.

Business Finance deals with the acquisition and use of funds to maximize firm value. Proper financial management within the firm helps a business provide better products at reasonable prices to customers and greater returns to the investors who supply the capital needed to form and then operate the business.

The Business Finance major offers 4 concentrations:

  • Investment
  • Analyst
  • Financial Services
  • General

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Business Finance Admission Requirements

We believe in providing and inclusive and accessible education, which is why we have no admission requirements.  All we ask is that students complete the following courses. 

  • Business Core courses:

MATH 123, ACCT 110, BDAN 250, ECON 206, ECON 202, FIN 330, MGT 210, MKT 220 and MGT 498 or ENT 496

  • Career Preparation courses: 

BA 170 or BA 175 or BA 220, MGT 261, FIN 399, FIN 499

  • All Finance Majors must complete the following courses regardless of concentration:   

ACCT 220, ECON 307, FIN 161, FIN 332, FIN 389, FIN 433, FIN 437, FIN 438

  • All majors must earn a "C" or better in FIN 330 and FIN 332 and must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in all finance classes.
  • Business Finance has four concentrations that students can choose from:

1. Investment

2. Analyst

3. Financial Services

4. General Business Finance

  • Common Courses for all Business Finance Majors:

FIN 436, Select 3 hours of Upper-Level Business Electives, including prefixes ACCT, BDAN, CIS, ECON, ENT, FIN MGT and MKT

  • Investment Required Courses

FIN 331, FIN 419, FIN 439, FIN 449, Upper-Level Finance Electives 4.5 hours

  • Analyst Required Courses

BDAN 310, BDAN 430, Upper-Level Finance Electives 6 hours, Select one of the following FIN 439 or FIN 449

  • Financial Services Required Courses:

FIN 333, FIN 350, FIN 405, FIN 419, FIN 435 and MKT 325

  • General Business Finance Required Courses:

FIN 439 or FIN 449

Business Finance Curriculum

The Business Finance concentration (reference number 664) requires 78 hours of professional and elective courses and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. No minor or second major is required or prohibited.  Finance majors must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in 300 and 400 level finance courses. In addition, finance majors must earn a "C" or better in both FIN 330 (Principles of Finance) and FIN 332 (Investment Theory). 

When planning a program of study in this department, each student should be aware of University academic requirements and regulations for graduation. Specific attention should be given to (a) Academic programs and (b) Colonnade requirements.

A minimum of 120 earned hours are needed to receive a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Finance.

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Investment Concentration

The Investment Concentration focuses on the proper use of investment instruments, how financial markets work, portfolio construction and the allocation of resources to meet financial goals. Important skills and responsibilities include formulating investment strategies, making investment decisions/recommendations, managing portfolios, and managing investment risks. Titles associated with this concentration include Portfolio manager, trader, investment banker, investment analyst, chief investment officer.

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Analyst Concentration

The Analyst Concentration focuses on the development, analysis, and interpretation of financial data. Important skills and responsibilities include gathering and parsing financial data, analyzing and interpreting financial statements, evaluating a company's performance, and communicating findings. Titles associated with this concentration include financial analyst, risk analyst, valuation analyst, securities analyst, real estate analyst, transfer pricing analyst, treasury analyst, FP&A analyst, Chief Financial Officer.

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Financial Services Concentration

The Financial Services Concentration focuses on the sector of the economy that deals with the management of money at banks and depository institutions, insurance companies, finance companies, and mortgage lending companies. Important skills and responsibilities include understanding financial market operations, the movement of money, and the application of technology to services and financial products. Titles associated with this concentration include credit analyst, personal relationship banker, bank officer, loan officer, underwriter, bank examiner, insurance broker, Bank President.

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General Business Concentration

The General Concentration allows students the flexibility to select their own unique path through the variety of topics and classes offered in the Finance program. Each student is free to choose the set of upper division courses they are most interested in. The flexibility of the General Concentration also allows students to simultaneously pursue two concentrations: 1. General Concentration in Business Finance and 2. Personal Financial Planning (PFP) concentration (with the addition of  a few credit hours from the PFP area) while in the program.

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