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Public Relations, Major

The Public Relations Major, certified by the Public Relations Society of America, emphasizes research and measurement, strategic planning, targeted written communication tactics, and ethical practice.

Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion using strategic communication. We prepare students for a career in public relations with skills in critical thinking, writing, technology, research, program planning and management, creative problem solving, and relationship building with key publics. Those publics include media, consumers, employees, government, opinion leaders, and communities.

Virtually all segments of the public and private sectors throughout the world draw employees from public relations graduates. Our graduates work as communications tacticians, strategic planners, and management counselors. They may specialize in employee relations, community relations, crisis communication, public affairs, media relations, or several other disciplines within the professional arena.

Public Relations 4-Year Degree Path

39 Hours Total

Core Requirements within the Public Relations Major (21 Hours)

(Prerequisite classes are listed in parenthesis)

  • PR 255: Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • PR 321: Communications Analytics in PR and Adv.
  • PR 350: Legal & Ethical Foundations of Strategic Communication
  • PR 356: Digital Tactics in Public Relations (PR 255, JOUR 202)
  • PR 358: Public Relations Writing & Production (PR 255, JOUR 202)
  • PR 454: PR Strategy & Planning (RESEARCH and PR 356 or 358)
  • PR 456 or PR 489: Public Relations Management (PR 454) OR PR Internship or Practicum

Core Requirements outside the Public Relations Major (12 Hours)

  • SOM 101: Understanding Media Content, Ethics, and Technology
  • JOUR 202: Introduction to News Writing
  • COMM 200: Communication Foundations (COMM 145, ENG 100)
  • One Research Methods Course from the Following:
    • AD 300: Research in Advertising and Public Relations
    • COMM 300: Intro. to Communication Research Methods
    • PS 302: Research Design in Political Science
    • SOCL 302: Social Research Methods

Restricted Elective chosen from the following: (3 Hours)

  • AD 210: Software Studio for Designers
  • AD 240: Advertising in a Digital World
  • AD 310: Visual Concepts in Advertising (AD 210, AD 240)
  • BCOM 264: Digital Video Production & Distribution
  • BCOM 265: Basic Broadcast News (Permission of Instructor)
  • BCOM 325: Survey of Electronic Media Writing (SOM 101 or 102)
  • COMM 315: Sport Communication
  • COMM 346: Persuasion (COMM 200 or ENG 300)
  • COMM 362: Organizational Communication (COMM 200 or ENG 300)
  • COMM 364: Crisis Communication (COMM 200)
  • COMM 388: Seminar in Political Communication
  • COMM 440: Health Communication (COMM 200 or ENG 300)
  • COMM 451: Communication in the Digital Age (COMM 200 or ENG 300)
  • JOUR 323: Multi-platform News Presentation (JOUR 202)
  • JOUR 325: Feature Writing (JOUR 302)
  • MKT 220: Basic Marketing Concepts
  • MKT 322: Integrated Marketing Communication (MKT 220)
  • MKT 331: Social Media Marketing (MKT 220)
  • PJ 131: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • POP 201: Introduction to Popular Culture Studies
  • UX 330: Introduction to Interactive (AD 210)

Diversity Elective chosen from the following: (3 Hours)

  • COMM 363: Interracial Communication
  • COMM 365: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 374: Gender Communication
  • COMM 471: Comm. in Multinational Organizations (COMM 362)
  • FLK 280: Cultural Diversity in the US
  • FLK 330: Cultural Connections and Diversity
  • PR 354: International Public Relations
  • SOCL 362: Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender (SOCL 101)
  • SOCL 375: Diversity in American Society (SOCL 101)
  • SOM 310: Media Diversity

Clint Haynes, M.A.
Clint Haynes, M.A.
- Associate Professor, Advertising and Public Relations Programs Advising Coordinator / Basic Course Co-Director

Charlotte Elder, M.A.
Charlotte Elder, M.A.
- Instructor II / Public Relations and Advertising Programs Advisor / Basic Course Co-Director

To make an advising appointment with Mr. Haynes, go to TopNet and click on Advising. Pick a day and time available on the calendar, and submit.

Public Relations, Specific Objectives:

  • To promote a broad understanding and appreciation of the expanding and important role of public relations in modern society.
  • To increase knowledge and develop skills required for positions in the public relations field.
  • To instill high standards of ethical conduct.
  • To build a foundation for lifelong learning and advanced education in public relations.

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