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Joint Undergraduate and Master's Degree Program

The Joint Undergraduate and Master's Degree Program (JUMP) provides the opportunity for academically outstanding CIT students to complete their combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management (MSETM) degrees in as little as five years (or less for transfer students). This is an excellent opportunity for 2+2 transfer students who wish to follow a management track and obtain an advanced degree. Transfer (2+2) students can complete their Bachelor's degree with just 36 CIT course hours (as always), but up to twelve graduate hours will be dual-counted as CIT and MSETM hours. Thus, on graduation with the Bachelor's degree in CIT, students will only need 21 more hours to graduate with a Master's Degree in Engineering Technology Management (MSETM).

Note: Admission to the JUMP program is not admission to the Graduate School. The JUMP program allows undergraduate students to earn graduate credit toward their Master’s degree, paying undergraduate rates, and double counting 12 hours.  However, once a student completes the undergraduate program, they are required to be admitted to a Graduate program to continue with the program.

Also, students that take more than nine hours of AMS undergraduate courses as part of the undergraduate CIT program will not be allowed to double count any graduate AMS courses.

For more information about the MSETM program in general, please contact the program coordinator:

Mahtab Orooji, PhD
Assistant Professor, Architectural Sciences
EST 217

Requirements for Admission

To be eligible for the program, CIT students must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrollment in good standing in one of the undergraduate baccalaureate programs in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CIT majors are included)
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Recommendation of an SEAS faculty member and/or the undergraduate advisor (your CIT advisor in this case)
  • Completion of at least 72 hours overall, 12 hours or less remaining in 400-level CIT requirements, and demonstrated proficiency in English

Application Process

 CIT students interested in the JUMP ETM should complete:

To complete the Program of Study (Form C):

  • Name: Student's name
  • WKU ID: Student's 800 number
  • Degree Type: MS
  • Degree Major: Engineering Technology Management
  • Concentration: Does not apply
  • Estimated Term of Degree Completion: Guess as to when you will complete the graduate program
  • Course Number: This is the MSETM course numbers you would like to take. See http://www.wku.edu/msetm/courses.php. Note that you are required to take AMS 571 Research Methods in Technology Management (3 hours) and AMS 599 Thesis (6 hours). The rest are electives.
  • HRS: This means hours
  • TR: This means transfer hours, which do not apply in this case. Leave it blank.
  • Transfer Institution: Does not apply in this case. Leave it blank.
  • For all education programs: Does not apply in this case. Leave it blank.
  • Be sure to sign and date.

Note that students are required to take 33 MS hours overall, 12 of which will be double counted as CIT/MS. Thus, once you complete the BS in CIT, you will only have 21 MS hours left.

These documents should be forwarded to your CIT advisor who will forward to the MSETM coordinator.

For more information, see http://www.wku.edu/msetm/prospective.php

Thesis Procedure

 A thesis is required for graduation with the MSETM.

"A thesis is the result of scholarly or creative activity that gives evidence of independent, critical, and  creative investigation. The thesis experience demonstrates the ability to define and develop a  problem/project; to understand and synthesize relevant literature; to use appropriate methodology; to  analyze and interpret data; and to draw reasonable conclusions based on the investigation/activity."

For a detailed explanation of the MSETM thesis process, see https://www.wku.edu/msetm/pdfs/msetm_thesis_procedure.pdf

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