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WKU Chemistry Graduate Faculty

All WKU Chemistry MS students must write and defend a research-based thesis. Research is performed in the laboratories of the faculty in the department or with other approved advisors. Graduate faculty in Chemistry include:

  • Dr. Stuart Burris   (Analytical)
    • electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy
  • Dr. Eric Conte   (Analytical)
    • liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, sample handling
  • Dr. Darwin Dahl   (Analytical)
    • capillary electrophoretic separations, forensic chemistry using analytical techniques
  • Dr. Lawrence Hill   (Organic polymers, inorganic nanoparticles, and organic/inorganic hybrid materials)
    • polymer, nanoparticles, synthesis, self-assembly, electron microscopy
  • Dr. Moon-Soo Kim   (Biochemistry)
    • DNA-binding proteins, biosensor, sequence-specific detection, protein engineering
  • Dr. Jeremy Maddox   (Physical)
    • theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, reaction dynamics
  • Dr. Matthew Nee   (Physical)
    • laser spectroscopy, environmental chemistry, molecular structure, kinetics
  • Dr. Lester Pesterfield   (Inorganic)
  • Dr. Blairanne Williams (Biochemistry)
  • Dr. Kevin Williams   (Biochemistry; Inorganic)
    • platinum; anticancer; NMR; protein; DNA
  • Dr. Bangbo Yan   (Inorganic)
    • crystal structure, inorganic synthesis, porous materials, solid-state materials
  • Dr. Rui Zhang   (Organic)
    • organic and organometallic synthesis, catalytic oxidations, kinetic studies

Three adjunct faculty at the USDA Bowling Green Agricultural Research Service (ARS) laboratory also hold graduate status for chemistry students, and may supervise Master's research work:

  • Dr. John Loughrin
  • Dr. Philip Silva
  • Dr. Getahun Agga



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