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Major in Chemistry (With Teacher Certification)

Students pursuing certification for High School Chemistry can take either the full ACS Chemistry major route or a tailored curriculum from the general chemistry major (outlined below). In either case, students should consult with the their STE advisor for the SMED classes required. For the General Chemistry Major, the following courses are required:


  CHEM 120/121 College Chemistry I (with Lab)
                        CHEM 222/223 College Chemistry II (with Lab)
  CHEM 340/341 (or 314) Organic Chemistry (with Lab)
  CHEM 320 Intro to Inorganic Chemistry (no Lab)
  CHEM 330 Quantitative Analysis (includes Lab)
  GEOL 111/113 The Earth (with Lab)
  PHYS 231/232 Biophysics I (with Lab)
  PHYS 332/233 Biophysics II (with Lab)
  CHEM 412 Intro to Physical Chemistry (includes Lab)
  CHEM 446/447 Biochemistry (with Lab)
  CHEM 399 Research


A Plan of Study is available for the General Chemistry Major with Teacher Certification requirements.



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