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Underlined names are WKU student co-authors. 


Skipworth, T.; Klaine, S.; Zhang, R. Photochemical generation and reactivity of a new phthalocyanine-manganese-oxo intermediate, Chem. Commun. 2023, 59, 6560-6543 (doi.org/10.1039/D3CC01275A)

Ballard, A.; Khouryieh, H.; Williams, K., Physical and Oxidative Stability of Cod Liver Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilized with Whey Protein/K-Carrageenan Complexes. ACS Food Science & Technology 2023,  3 (2),  326-339. (DOI:  10.1021/acsfoodscitech.2c00355)


Hill, L.; Sims, H.; Nguyen, N.; Collins, C.; Palmer, J.; and Wasson, F. A Degradable Difunctional Initiator for ATRP That Responds to Hydrogen Peroxide, Polymers,2022, 14(9), 1733.

Lim, C-Y, Kim, D-S., Kang, Y., Lee, Y-R., Kim, K., Kim, D., Kim, M-S., and Ko, K. Immune responses to plant-derived recombinant colorectal cancer glycoprotein EpCAM-FcK fusion protein in mice. Biomolecules and Therapeutics,2022, 30(6): 546-552.

Berry, Z. P.; Loughrin, J.H.; Burris, S.; Conte, E.D.; Lovanh, N.C.; Sistani K.R. Sustainability,2022,14 (5), 2755.

Agga, G.E. Couch, M.; Parekh, R.R.; Mahmoudi, F.; Appala, K.; Kasumba, J. Loughrin, J. H.; Conte, E. D. Lagoon, anaerobic digestion, and composting of animal manure treatments impact on tetracycline resistance genes, Antibiotics,2022, 11(3), 391.

Bangbo Yan, Yan-Fen Li, Houyin Zhao, Interaction of Ru(II) polypyridyl complex cations and Keggin anions [α-SiW12O40]4-in self-assembled organic-inorganic networks, Inorganica Chimica Acta2022, 534, 120840,

Jing Yang, Nan Shi, Bangbo YanTao Wang, Wei-ping Pan, Removal of elementary mercury by solid sorbents at different temperatures: Variation of the desorption activation energy through thermal desorption analysis, Fuel2022, 307, 121809.

Skipworth, T.; Khashimov, M.; Ojo, I.; Zhang, R.*, “Kinetics of chromium(V)-oxo and chromium(IV)-oxo porphyrins: Reactivity and mechanism for sulfoxidation reactions.” Inorg. Biochem.2022, 237, 112006.


Jing Yang, Tao Wang, Bangbo Yan, Yongsheng Zhang, Junkai Wang, Wei-Ping Pan, Molecular-level insights into efficient immobilization of gas-phase elemental mercury by zinc selenide, Applied Surface Science2021, 537, 147913.

Jiaxin Wang, Tao Wang, Bangbo Yan, Qing Wang, Yongsheng Zhang, Wei-Ping Pan, Removal of ionic mercury from gasoline using zeolite 13X impregnated with KI: Adsorption mechanisms and simulation, Chemical Engineering Journal2021, 409, 128170.

Van Rooy, R. Drover, T. Cress, C Michael, K. L. Purvis-Roberts, Philip J. Silva, M. J. Nee, and David Cocker, “Methanesulfonic acid and sulfuric acid Aerosol Formed through oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds in a humid environment,” Atmospheric Environment, 2021, 261, 118504, 118504.

Van Rooy, K. L. Purvis-Roberts, Philip J. Silva, M. J. Nee, and David Cocker, “Characterization of secondary products formed through oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds,” Atmospheric Environment, 2021,256, 118148.

Ha, D. T., Nguyen, V., and Kim, M-S.* Graphene oxide-based simple and rapid detection of antibiotic resistance gene via quantum dot-labeled zinc finger proteins. Analytical Chemistry,2021,93(24):8459-8466  

Arega, N.G., Heard, W.N, Tran, N. A. N., Chung, M, Kim, M-S., and Kim, D. Zinc Finger Protein-based rapid microfluidic homogenous electrophoresis affinity assay for enterotoxin gene analysis. BioChip Journal, 2021,15(4): 381-395 (Featured article)

Shim, J., Williams, L., Kim, D., Ko, K., and Kim, M-S.* () Application of engineered zinc finger proteins immobilized on paramagnetic beads for multiplexed detection of pathogenic DNA. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology,2021, 31(9): 1323-1329

Song, I.,Lee, Y. K., Kim, J. W., Lee, S-W., Park, S. R., Lee, H. K., Oh, S., Ko, K., Kim, M. K., Park, S. J., Kim, D. H.,Kim, M-S., Kim, D. S., and Ko, K. () Effect of an ER retention signal tagged to human anti-rabies mAb SO57 on its expression in Arabidopsis and plant growth. Molecules and Cells,2021, 44(10): 770-779

Ahn, J., Oh, S., Kang, Y. J., Kim, K. B., Moon, S. K., Moon, B., Myung, S., Kim, M-S., Lee, Y. K., and Ko, K. () Effect of oak tree sawdust fermentation period on peanut seed germination, seedling biomass, and morphology. Horticulturae.,2021 7(7):182-191.

Malone J.; Klaine S.; Alcantar C.; Bratcher F., Zhang R.* Synthesis of a novel ruthenium porphyrin complex substituted with light-harvesting BODIPY units. Implications for visible light-promoted catalytic oxidations. New J. Chem., 2021, 45, 4977-4985.


Kasumba J.; Appala K.; Conte E. D.; Agga G. E.; Loughrin J. H. “Anaerobic digestion of livestock and poultry manures spiked with tetracycline antibiotics.” Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part. B, Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes,2020, 55(2), 135-147.

Zhang, R.*, Klaine, S.; Alcantar, C.;Bratcher, F. “Visible light generation of high-valent metal-oxo intermediates and mechanistic insights into catalytic oxidations” J. Inorg. Biochem.,2020, 111246.

Klaine, S.; Lee, N. F.;Dames, A.; Zhang, R.* “Visible light generation of chromium(V)-oxo salen complexes and mechanistic insights into catalytic sulfide oxidation” Inorg. Chim. Acta,2020, 509, 119681.

Klaine, S.; Bratcher, F.;Winchester, M.; Zhang, R.* “Formation and kinetic studies of manganese(IV)-oxo porphyrins: Oxygen atom transfer mechanism of sulfide oxidations ” J. Inorg. Biochem. 2020, 204, 110986.


Ranburger, D.;Willis, B.; Kash, B.; Jeddi, H.;Alcantar, C.; Zhang, R.* Syntheitc and mechanistic investigations on manganese corroles catalyzed oxidation of sulfides with iodobenzene diacetate. Inorg. Chim. Acta,2019, 487, 41-49.

Couch, M.; Agga, G. E.; Kasumba, J.; Parekh, R. R.; Loughrin, J. H.; Conte, E. D. “Abundances of tetracycline resistance genes and tetracycline antibiotics during anaerobic digestion of swine waste” Journal of Environmental Quality, 2019, 48(1), 171-178.

Wang, B.; Howard, I. G.; Pope, J. W.; Conte, E. D.; Deng, Y. “Bis(imino)​pyridine iron complexes for catalytic carbene transfer reactions” Chemical Science,2019, 10(34), 7958-7963.

Gerelkhuu, Z.; Jung, D.; The Huy, B.; Tawfik, S. M.; Conte, M. L.; Conte, E. D.; Lee, Y.-I. “Highly selective and sensitive detection of catecholamines using NaLuGdF4:Yb3+​/Er3+ upconversion nanoparticles decorated with metal ions” Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical,2019, 284, 172-178.

Tice, N. C.; Wild, S.; Olmstead, C.; Stevens, E. D.; Yan, B.; Brooks, H.; Jenkins, J. Synthesis, Characterization, and Electronic and Structural Calculations of Some 1,4-Disubstituted Cyclopenta[d][1,2]oxazines, Heterocycles,2019, 98(12), 1707-1724.

Markham, J. P.; Wang, B.; Stevens, E. D.; Burris, S. C.; Yongming Deng “ortho-Alkylation of Pyridine N-Oxides with Alkynes by Photocatalysis: Pyridine N-Oxide as a Redox Auxiliary”  Chemistry – A European Journal, 2019, 25(26), 6638-6644.

Ballentine, M. D.; Embry, E. G.; Garcia, M. A.; Hill, L. J. “Deposition of metal particles onto semiconductor nanorods using an ionic liquid" Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2019, 10, 718-724


Bertram, J. R.; Nee, M. J. “A Buoyant, Microstructured Polymer Substrate for Photocatalytic Degradation Applications,” Catalysts,2018, 8, 482.

Davis, A.; Webb, C.; Sorensen, J.; Dixon, D. “Thermodynamic Constraints of Limestone-based Removal of Arsenic from Water,” Environ. Earth Sci.,2018, 77, 33.

Davis, A.; Webb, C.; Sorensen, J.; Dixon, D.; Hudson, R. “Geochemical Thermodynamics of Cadmium Removal from Water with Limestone,” Environ. Earth Sci.,2018 77, 33.

Ha, D. T.; Sthitodhi, G.; Ahn, C. H.; Segal, D. J.; Kim, M-S “Pathogen-specific DNA sensing with engineered zinc finger proteins immobilized on polymer chip,” Analyst, 2018 143, 4009-4016.

Fang, C. S.; Kim, K.; Ha, D. T.; Kim, M-S.; Yang, H. “Washing-free electrochemical detection of amplified double-stranded DNAs using a zinc finger protein,” Analytical Chemistry, 2018 90, 4776-4782.

Davis, A.; Webb, C.; Sorensen, J.; Dixon, D.; Hudson, R. “Geochemical Thermodynamics of Lead Removal from Water with Limestone,” Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 2018 229,177.

Monroe, J.D.; Hruska, H.L.; Ruggles, H.K; Williams, K.M.; Smith, M.E. "Anti-cancer characteristics and ototoxicity of platinum(II) amine complexes with only one leaving ligand", PLoS One,2018, 13(3), e0192505. 

Owens, C.; Griffen, K.; Khouryieh, H.; Williams, K. "Creaming and oxidative stability of fish oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by whey protein-xanthan-locust bean complexes: Impact of pH", Food Chemistry,2018, 239, 314-322.

Lee, N.-F.; Patel, D.;Liu, H. Y.; Zhang, R. “Insights from kinetic studies of photo-generated compound II models: Reactivity toward aryl sulfides”, J. Inorg. Biochem.,2018, 183, 56-65.


Gao, H.; Liu, Shuai; Li, Yafei; Conte, Eric; Cao, Y. “A critical review of spinel structured iron cobalt oxides based materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion,” Energies,2017, 10(11), 1787/1-1787/21.

Biechele-Speziale, John; Huy, Bui The; Nguyen, Thu Thuy T.; Vuong, Nguyen Minh; Conte, Eric; Lee, Yong-Ill, “A facile preparation of highly fluorescent carbon nitride nanoparticles via solid state reaction for optosensing mercury ions and bisphenol A,” Microchemical Journal, 2017, 134, 13-18.

Huy, B. T.; Pham, Q.-T.; Nguyen, T. T. A.; Conte, E.; Lee, Y.-I. “Development of a simple method for sensing melamine by SERS effect of Ag particles,” Journal of Luminescence,2017, 188, 436-440.

Gerelkhuu, Z.; Huy, B. T.; Chung, J. W.; Phan, T.-L.; Conte, E.; Lee, Y.-I. “Influence of Cr3+ on upconversion luminescent and magnetic properties of NaLu0.86-​xGd0.12F4:Cr3+x​/Er3+0.02 (0≤x≤0.24) material” Journal of Luminescence,2017, 187, 40-45.

K. J. Jones, L. H. Eckler, and M. J. Nee, “Effect of ionic strength on solvation geometry in aqueous nitrate ion,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A2017, 121, 2322-2330, DOI 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b12102.

J. R. Bertram, A. Penn, M. J. Nee, and H. Rathnayake, “A Novel n-Type Organosilane – Metal Ion Hybrid of Rhodamine-B and Copper Cation for Low Temperature Thermoelectric Materials,” ACS AppliedMaterials and Interfaces,2017, 9, 10946-10954.

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Tice, N. C.; Collins, E. M.; Smith, D. L.; Snyder, C. A.; Yan, B.; Stevens, E. D. “Synthesis, Characterization, and Structure of Some 1,4-Disubstituted Cyclopenta[d][1,2]oxazines,”  Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry,2017, 54(6), 3235-3240.

Williams, K.M.; Gruner, M.; Gensheimer, J.; Wright, A.; Blair, M.; Autry, S.A.; Hammer, N.I. "Partial displacement of a triamine ligand from a platinum(II) complex after reaction with N-acetylmethionine", Inorg. Chim. Acta,2017, 458, 163-170.

Kwong, K.-W.; Patel, D.; Malone, J.; Lee, N.-F.; Kash, B.; Zhang, R. “An investigation of ligand effects on the visible light-induced formation of porphyrin–iron(IV)-oxo intermediates” New J. Chem.,2017, 41, 14334-14341.

Lee, N.-F.; Malone, J.; Jeddi, H.;Kwong, K.-W.; Zhang, R.  “Visible-light photolysis of corrole-managnese(IV) nitrites to generate corrole-manganese(V)-oxo complexes” Inorg. Chem. Commun., 2017, 82, 27-30.



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