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Major in Chemistry (Foundations)

The Foundations Concentration requires a minor or second major and is appropriate for a wide range of career targets.  It provides a broad survey of chemistry, including a full year of organic chemistry and a semester each of analytical, inorganic, physical, and biochemistry.  It is a common choice for students desiring employment in chemical industry and for those preparing for pharmacy school.  The Foundations Concentration can be easily extended to the full ACS-Approved Major for students whose interests evolve to those requiring a more in-depth knowledge of the discipline.

The requirements for the Foundations Chemistry Concentration include (37 hours): CHEM 120/CHEM 121, CHEM 222/CHEM 223, CHEM 320, CHEM 330, CHEM 340/CHEM 341, CHEM 342/CHEM 343, CHEM 398, CHEM 446, CHEM 412 or CHEM 450/CHEM 451. Additional required courses (8-9 hours): MATH 136, PHYS 231 / PHYS 232 or PHYS 255/PHYS 256. A minor or second major is required for this concentration. It is recommended that CHEM 330 be taken as soon after CHEM 222 as possible. Prerequisites for CHEM 412 are CHEM 314 or CHEM 340, CHEM 330, MATH 136, and PHYS 231 or PHYS 255, all with a grade of C or better. Students should be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Plans of Study are available for the Foundations Concentration.



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