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Major in Chemistry (General)

The General Chemistry Concentration requires a second major and is recommended for students who desire to increase the value of their WKU degree by adding a second major.  This is a common choice among pre-professional students who begin their time at WKU minoring in chemistry and other students who desire a double major.

The requirements for the General Chemistry Concentration include (33 hours): CHEM 120/CHEM 121, CHEM 222/CHEM 223, CHEM 330,** CHEM 340/CHEM 341, CHEM 342/CHEM 343, CHEM 320 or CHEM 446, CHEM 412 or CHEM 450/CHEM 451. Additional required courses (8-9 hours): MATH 136, PHYS 231/PHYS 232 or PHYS 255/PHYS 256.

**It is recommended that CHEM 330 be taken as soon after CHEM 222 as possible. Prerequisites for CHEM 412 or 450/451 are CHEM 340, CHEM 330, MATH 136, and PHYS 231 or PHYS 255, all with a grade of C or better. Students should be aware of this and plan accordingly.


A Plan of Study is available for the General Chemistry Major.



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