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Dr. Stuart Burris
Dr. Stuart Burris
- Associate Dean, Ogden College of Science & Engineering, Professor of Chemistry

CHEM 101           Introduction to Chemistry

CHEM 111           Introduction to Forensic Chemistry

CHEM 120/121 College Chemistry I/Lab

CHEM 222/223 College Chemistry II/Lab

CHEM 330          Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 430           Forensic Chemistry

CHEM 435           Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 531          Advanced Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 532          Scanning Probe Microscopy



electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy

 My primary area of interest is in the development and characterization of useful surfaces for chemical sensing applications. We pattern surfaces on the nanometer scale using the atomic force microscope (AFM) with an eye toward characterization by AFM and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and utilization with impedance-based sensing. A second ares of interest is in working to improve on an AC spectroelectrochemical instrument that will be useful in measuring the electrochemical behavior of molecules confined to surfaces, such as electrochemically active proteins that are adsorbed on self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold.  This project calls for a unique set of interests and capabilities in electrochemistry, instrument design, and software. We also have a few collaborative pursuits. With Professor Conte we have been working to develop an ‘electrically switchable’ solid phase extraction surface. An anionic surfactant, dodecyl sulfate, is held on a positively-poised gold surface by electrostatic interaction and then released together with the absorbed organic analyte by poising the gold surface in the more negative direction. We also have collaborations with USDA scientists involving phosphorous transport in soils and involving the measurement of humic substances produced via composting of animal waste with wood.


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