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FAQ's about Child Studies

  • The Child Studies concentration is completely online. Our Child Studies classes are offered online, however there might be a semester where a student is out of sequence, due to the online classes being full. Our online classes fill very quickly. Many of the Child Studies courses are offered in a face to face format.
  • The 'General Education' / Colonnade requirements for WKU *may not be* offered online. Some are, some are not. We are uncertain as to the availability of online Gen-Ed's/Colonnade courses. Many are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Be sure to check the schedule for the Winter Term and Summer Terms as well. This is a popular time for online Gen-Ed's and Colonnade courses.
  • A wonderful opportunity to take courses online is during the Winter and Summer terms. We also offer many classes through WKU On-Demand.
  • Child Studies is a Bachelor of Science degree. This four year degree requires 120 hours of course credit in general education or Colonnade requirements, courses in the major (51 credit hours) and courses in the minor.
  • (Please note - of the 120 hours needed to graduate, 42 of those must be at the 300 level or above!)

For current students, in order to declare a major in Child Studies, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to TOPNET
  • Click 'Change Major" option
  • Under 'Field of Study' Major 1 drop down menu, select "Family & Consumer Sciences (563)." Child Studies is a concentration under that subject heading. The menu would look similar to this:


  • In the Concentration 1 drop down menu, choose "Child Studies"
  • The Child Studies concentration requires a minor for students who are at WKU prior to Fall 2018. For those attending Fall 2018 after, a minor is not required.
  • Once you are finished with this form, click submit, and then PRINT the form. The form must be submitted to the AHS office in paper form.

For INCOMING students who are interested in the Child Studies concentration, you must first apply to WKU. Please click here for admissions information. 

  • For students attending WKU prior to FALL 2018, this major does require a minor. There are many minor options! When thinking of a minor, try to think about what you want to 'do' when are finished with this degree. Your minor can help prepare you for job opportunities. A friendly reminder: Child Studies majors cannot minor in Child Studies.
  • For students attending WKU FALL 2018 and after, a minor is not required. Feel free to add a minor if you like! Also, you will want to review the many certificates our department offers.
  • Please direct any questions about minor selections to your assigned faculty advisor.

Yes - you can teach with this degree. You cannot teach in public schools. As with any employment position, some businesses/companies may have specific degree requirements. You can do many things with this degree! Talk with your advisor about the many opportunities you will have with the Child Studies degree orclick here for an abbreviated list of career opportunities.

If you are a student who is transferring to WKU or if you are a new student attending WKU, we highly recommend you attend an Topper Orientation Program (TOP) session. Even if you are going to take classes *online,* we recommend you attend a TOP session to become familiar with all that WKU has to offer. Your advisor is available to help you with your major area of concentration. The TOP folks will help you become familiar with WKU, setting up your email, obtaining your student ID, student ID number, etc. For information on how to register for a TOP session please click: TOP



 What students have to say about our faculty and department:

Every time I see a faculty member or an administrator, they always have great service with a smile. Even when they are in a rush to complete a mission they always take the time to listen and have great body language! When students see that professors are dedicated to their passion then the students stay in their majors.  I remember when I switched to two majors and then when I accepted the Family Studies major and minor in Child Studies.  I knew I had made the right choice. Even when the criteria  for a class is hard, they encouraged me to fight for my grades. The laughs, jokes and smiles are always heart-warming and make external stressors seem as if they did not exist. So, I thank the department from the bottom of my heart.


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