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HELLO!  My name is CanDoo and I am one of WKU's Therapy Dogs.


I am a seven year old English cream Golden Retriever.  As a Therapy Dog, I have a friendly and patient temperament which allows me to visit people, particularly military, and children.  Whenever you see me on campus, I will remain on the leash and under control, so even if I may scare you due to my size, I LOVE being petted; so don't be afraid.  Learn about the other benefits I provide by following this link.

 candoo ransdell            candoo ransdell 2

I work on campus with Military Student Services in GRH 2024. My other job is working with the children at the Kelly Autism Program.  I am actually a staff member here at WKU and have been on the job since October 2013. 


I participated in Vets on the Hill on February 22 and 23

This event was a membership campaign for our Student Veterans Alliance in partnership with WKU PRSSA and people who were walking by were asked to place a flag in the ground in support of all our veterans.  What a great event!  

voth-candoo     voth-flags

voth-big red     voth-candoo 1

Follow this link to read the College Heights Herald article about the event.


I earned the distinction of "Pet of the Week"...

For the week of February 1, 2016 I was labeled "Pet of the Week" by Greenwood High School's student news site, "The Daily Chomp".

Follow this link to read the complete full story.


I participated in the "Sign to the Finish Line" 5K Fun Run

candoo 5K run

This took place on Saturday, August 29, 2015, at Preston Miller Park in Bowling Green where proceeds benefited both the PAH (Preparing ASL Hearts) and a scholarship for a Deaf/HoH student to attend WKU.  

This also serves a call to all students, faculty and staff of the importance of staying active and healthy at all times.  I, Candoo, have not only participated in the 5K but I am staying active and healthy by walking three miles each day. 

We all have busy schedules, and college students are no exception. Many students balance classwork, internships, research, jobs, and a social life. It can be really easy to find reasons exercise doesn’t fit into the day. But the benefits of physical activity heavily outweigh any reason for skipping it.  

Students who stay active are more productive, have more energy, sleep better, and pay attention in class.  The trick to sticking with a physical activity routine is to find something you enjoy that doesn’t feel like work. For many students, trying several types of exercise can provide the variety needed to keep it fun and interesting.  For more information, follow this link about how to stay active at college.


Back in Fall 2013...

Hi Everybody, I'm CanDoo!!  I'll be a new family member at WKU in the Fall.  I'm anxious to get to the Hill, but first I need to finish my training.  I'm learning how to work with military veterans and children with Autism.  I'm excited to work with such fine folks and I am working hard to learn all I can so that I can be the best facility dog ever.  Like the Army said - Be All That You Can Be. 

One day I'm going to grow up and help veterans to succeed in college by providing a calming influence on days they need me.  With this cute fuzzy face, I can brighten anyone's day.  Try and stop me!

Candoo puppy












Here I am learning how to fetch things.  I know I will need to fetch pencils or something....  This skill will come in handy.

Candoo fetching









I've mastered sitting and I don't mind wearing my vest.  It makes me feel important!

candoo sitting





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