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Registered Student Organization COVID-19 Guidelines

All students, faculty, and staff involved with a student organization are required to follow these guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering at all times while in shared spaces (i.e. meetings, events, programs, speakers, etc.). Proper face coverings help prevent the spread of the virus and demonstrate care for all those in your Hilltopper Family, some of whom are at higher risk of complications from COVID-19.

  • Appropriate face coverings include a cloth face covering or appropriate paper mask that covers both the nose and mouth.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people when possible. Limiting close face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t possible. 

  • Do not attend meetings, programs or events if you feel sick, have a fever, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Stay in if you feel sick, have a fever, or if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 testing is available at WKU’s Graves Gilbert Clinic. For more information, visit the GGC@WKU websiteor call (270) 745-2273.

  • If you experience any symptoms, are awaiting test results, or have tested positive, or have been officially notified that you were in close contact with a COVID-19-positive individual, you must contact WKU’s COVID-19 Response Team at 270-745-2019 or wkuemgm@wku.edu for guidance on your next steps.

Organizations should understand the risks associated with hosting an in-person meeting, event, or program and communicate those risks to attendees.

  • The more people an individual interacts with at a gathering and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 and/or COVID-19 spreading.

  • If individuals are wearing masks/facial covering and practicing six (6)-feet distancing, the risk will be lower. Risk becomes elevated when one or more parties are not wearing a mask/facial covering and are within six (6)-feet of each other for a duration greater than 15 minutes.

  • According to the CDC, the risk of COVID-19 spreading at meetings, events, and programs increases as follows:

    • No Risk:Virtual-only activities, events, and gatherings.

    • Low Risk:Smaller, outdoor, in-person gatherings in which individuals from different households remain spaced at least six (6) feet apart, wear mask/facial coverings, do not share objects, and come from the same local area (e.g., community, town, city, or county).

    • Medium Risk:Medium-sized, in-person gatherings in which individuals remain spaced at least six (6) feet apart, wear mask/facial coverings, do not share objects, and come from outside the local area.

    • High Risk:Large, in-person gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to remain spaced at least six (6) feet apart and individuals travel from outside the local area. High Risk events are not permitted at this time.

  • Adhere to the provisions of WKU’s Big Red Restart Plan.

  • To attend meetings, events, activities and functions when possible.

  • Maintain consistent and frequent communication with the organization leadership.

  • Develop plan to ensure that all activities have the appropriate level of supervision.

  • Ensure that the organization is adhering to university policies and procedures.

  • Should be conducted with 6 feet of physical distancing in mind and the option of virtual participation for members who are not comfortable attending a face to face meeting is recommended. Any meetings with a requirement that members attend should have a virtual option. 

  • All in-person attendees must wear face covering that cover the nose and mouth throughout the duration of the meeting/event.

  • Room capacity reductions will restrict the number of members who can be in a space for face to face meetings. Room capacity will be

  • In-person attendance to all student events (including student organizations, clubs, Greek events, etc.) will be limited. Events should be individually evaluated to determine if the event can be offered virtually or through a combination of in-person and virtual modalities.

  • Organizations should make sure members and guests know that if they are sick they should not attend face to face activities, events, or meetings.

  • Organizations hosting events will clearly communicate to participants expectations of health safety, as well as inherent health risks associated with activities.

  • Student Activities recommends using your best judgement when thinking about inviting speakers or performers to attend on-campus meetings or organizational events. Instead, determine a virtual format that can be used. For example, you could live-stream such things via Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

  • For help with all things Video Conferencing, visit: https://www.wku.edu/its/zoom/

  • Maintain an online social media presence as an organization

  • Develop a schedule of virtual meetings/events and try to keep to that schedule so as to allow for maximum participation

  • Host virtual office hours outside of meetings for more personal connections and conversations.

  • Recognize your members and their accomplishments virtually (spotlights, virtual awards, etc.). For examples, check out the WKU Greek Affairs Facebook page

  • Organizations can utilize a virtual format to assist with their recruitment efforts and to reduce in-person recruitment activities.

  • Room capacities for each meeting/event will be determine through the reservations process by a combination of:
    • University guidelines
    • Laws, ordinances, and recommendations by government and public health officials
    • The size of the space/room/venue allowing for physical distancing as determined by the venue
    • The ability of participants to comply with University guidance related to physical distancing and the protection of person space
  • Organizations should refrain from rearranging furniture once the room is set. The room layout has been set that way to allow for appropriate physical distancing.
  • Organizations do not have to sanitize the room after usage.
  • Rooms will be sanitize by designated staff in the building where the reservation has been made after the room has been vacated. There will be a 30-60 minute gap between meetings to ensure the health and safety of all groups using the facility.
  • Requests for on-campus events are reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives from Emergency Management, the WKU Police Department, WKU Restaurant Group, Academic Affairs, Enrollment and Student Experience, Athletics, Facilities Management, and more.
  • Modifications to event plans, such as plated dinners vs buffets, will be followed to reduce COVID-19 transmission at events. These plan modifications will be determined during the event review process.
  • All event requests must demonstrate compliance with Healthy at Work/Reopening Kentucky requirements. Final approval is granted by the WKU COVID-19 Taskforce.
  • To submit an event request, contact special.events@wku.edu or 270-745-2497.
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are opportunities to form and create student led organizations based on shared interests, hobbies and/or passions. Students are able to create, budget and plan their own events as well as govern their organization under the guidance of an advisor. Involvement in an RSO will allow individuals to meet new people, develop their interest, become engaged and have fun.

  • To be registered as a student organization, organizations must submit a RSO Update form every academic year. To complete the RSO update form visit this link.
  • Our goal with registered student organizations is that every student finds a group that they are passionate about and are able to build a genuine connection. If you do not find a group that sparks your interest on our RSO Active Directory then you are able to create a RSO. To create a new RSO, you will need to identify a faculty/staff advisor, create a constitution, and complete the New RSO Form.
  • To find out information about RSOs please visit https://www.wku.edu/studentorgs/
  • A list of all the registered student organizations visit the RSO Active Directory.
  • Students will have an opportunity to interact with some of the RSO leaders on the week of August 31st- September 4th during our virtual student organization fair- DiscoverFest.

 Check out the SAO website in the next few weeks for more information.

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 Last Modified 8/11/20