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M.A.E. in Literacy Education

The Literacy Education MAE is created to help teachers improve their literacy instruction at all grade levels and to gain leadership skills and knowledge to build and sustain successful literacy programs in schools and other settings.

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Literacy Education requires a minimum of 30 hours.

Required Courses:

All courses are offered online. The following courses and one elective course are required for the Literacy Education MAE.

LTCY 519: Literacy Development and Instruction
Investigation into the development of reading and writing in young children, instructional strategies for emergent and developing literacy including practices related to phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, invented spelling, writing traits, process and development.

LTCY 524: Content Area and Disciplinary Literacy
Reading and study skills strategies and techniques to increase student achievement in content-area classes. Discussion of disciplinary literacy in various fields will also be addressed.

LTCY 523: Assessment and Intervention of Reading and Writing
Emphasizes practical methods of reading and writing appraisal, diagnostic procedures, and materials essential for developing teaching strategies in reading instruction for P-12 learners.

LTCY 527: Diversity and Equity in Literacy Education
Introduction to social factors, cultural factors, and aspects of language that affect teaching and learning of literacy, particularly in reading, writing, and the language arts; application of multicultural perspectives and culturally responsive instruction to curriculum development and classroom literacy practices.

LTCY 530: Literacy Development for Multilingual Learners
In the context of first and second language development across the lifespan, this course focuses on the acquisition of literacy by young children, examines best practices in the teaching of literacy in both elementary and secondary settings, and offers a deep investigation into the relationship between language and literacy acquisition.

LTCY 520: Clinical Diagnosis of Reading Variability**
The nature and causes of reading disabilities and investigation of general and specific principles and approaches to diagnosis. Actual case studies using both group and individual tests in diagnosis.

LTCY 532: Literacy Leadership and Coaching
A course intended for advanced literacy professionals to learn best practices for providing professional learning opportunities in the workplace, developing professional learning communities, leading in school-wide literacy development, and developing the skills of peers and experienced colleagues in the field of literacy.

LTCY 521: Reading Intervention**
Instructional techniques for use with individuals or groups involved in remedial reading instruction; materials and procedures; clinical experiences with remedial students.

LTCY 695: Practicum for Literacy Professionals
In-depth practice in the literacy coaching of colleagues in the education profession.

** In LTCY 520 and LTCY 521 you tutor a striving reader in conjunction with the course. Class meets on Zoom on Monday nights.

Elective (students choose from a list of approved 3-hour electives)

Program Admission

Students who seek advanced teacher certification must hold teaching certification.

Students may complete this program without teacher certification if they intend to pursue employment in a setting where teacher certification is not required. This program does not provide initial teacher certification.

  1. Baccalaureate degree or higher, or equivalent international degree, from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  2. Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or greater on baccalaureate degree or equivalent international degree or minimum GPA of 3.0 on a degree higher than a baccalaureate or equivalent international degree.
  3. Evidence of English proficiency (international students only)

Courses in this program address the requirements of the following:

International Literacy Association Standards for Classroom Teachers

International Literacy Association Standards for Reading/Literacy Specialist:



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