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Dr. Jerry Daday

Dr. Jerry Daday
- Executive Director, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

  • Email: jerry.daday@wku.edu
  • Office: Garrett Conference Center 104A
  • Phone Number: (270) 745-3197


Jerry Daday is an Professor of Sociology and the Executive Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL) at Western Kentucky University (WKU).  Jerry works with an exceptional team within CITL to support the teaching and learning mission of the university by collaborating with faculty to design content and courses that promote student engagement and success through active and applied learning opportunities.  In addition to his general administrative responsibilities, Jerry works with various team members to create, administer, and deliver professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate students through professional learning communities, workshops, seminars, webinars, and single day conferences. CITL also collaborates with several units/centers at WKU to develop, implement, and assess High-Impact Practices (HIPs) and to ensure these efforts are done with purpose, fidelity and inclusive excellence.   Coupled with this work at WKU, Jerry is part of a national community of practice that is committed and dedicated to empirically investigate HIPs and their influence on student success, retention, deep learning, and the acquisition of skills needed for success in the Twenty-First Century labor force.  He is working closely with this group to plan and host the annual HIPs in the States Conference at WKU between February 20-22, 2019.  


Since earning his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in 2004, Jerry’s primary research interests have focused on the etiology of violent offending and victimization in society.  His dissertation and subsequent scholarly research focused on the extent of the overlap and divergence between victims and offenders involved in interpersonal violence.  More recently, Jerry has utilized his methodological and quantitative expertise in support of several interdisciplinary research projects at WKU.  These include: (1) a project funded by the US Department of Agriculture to examine the use of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) used at Farmers’ Markets in Kentucky; (2) a quantitative study examining perceptions of wildlife management and conservation strategies near Kruger National Park in South Africa; (3) a quantitative study examining student perceptions of e-text and e-learning materials and cognitive load in biology courses; (4) a quantitative project examining factors that increase graduation rates for students enrolled in STEM disciplines, and finally, (5) an evaluation of technologies that may be used to increase accessibility for students enrolled in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  In addition, Jerry has developed a research and teaching interest focused on Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more specifically the war and ethnic cleansing that occurred there between 1992-1995 and the genocide that occurred in Srebrenica in July of 1995.


In addition to his teaching, research and administrative responsibilities, Jerry is also actively involved in supporting the local community.  Between 2012 and 2016, Jerry served as the co-director of WKU’s Patricia Minton Taylor Theatre in Diversion Program, which gives students from WKU’s Department of Theatre and Dance and the Department of Sociology the opportunity to mentor at risk youth from the community who have committed a low level juvenile offense.  He has also worked with the local Bosnian-American community to offer events that inform students, faculty, and staff at WKU and the larger Bowling Green community about the causes and aftermath of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the efforts of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and national courts to achieve justice for the victims, and various efforts to promote reconciliation and nation-building since the conflict ended with the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords in 1995.  In the summer of 2017, Jerry co-facilitated the Zuheir Sofia Endowed International Faculty Seminar (ZSEIFS) to Bosnia-Herzegovina.   Last year, Jerry also co-chaired WKU’s Student Success and Experience Strategic Planning working group.

Courses Taught

Jerry has taught several courses on a regular basis in the Department of Sociology at WKU, including Victimology, Life-Course Criminology, Comparative Criminology, Research Methods, Sociological Theory, and Introductory Sociology. He offered a new Colonnade General Education Course entitled Human-Wildlife Conflict in the fall semester of 2017 co-taught with Dr. Mike Stokes from the WKU Department of Biology.


Doctor of Philosophy, May 2004
Department of Sociology, University of New Mexico

Master of Arts, December 1999
Department of Sociology, University of New Mexico

Bachelor of Arts, May 1997
Department of Sociology, Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts

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