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Minor in Sociology for Undergraduate Students

The program is designed to further awareness and understanding of social life including the social causes and consequences of human behavior in groups, organizations, societies, and various cultures. Completion provides a broad background for students pursuing a variety of careers by helping them develop valuable skills. The minor requires 21 semester hours. All courses are three semester hours unless otherwise noted.

Required courses (12 hours)*

SOCL 100 Introduction to Sociology**

SOCL 300 Using Statistics in Sociology**

SOCL 302 Strategies of Social Research**

SOCL 304 Sociological Theory: Perspectives on Society**

Note: The core classes are the same for the major and minor


Elective courses (9 hours)*

SOCL 210 Interaction Self and Society**

SOCL 220 Marriage and Family**

SOCL 240 Global Social Problems**

SOCL 245 Sociology of Popular Culture

SOCL 260 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCL 270 Introduction to Community, Environment, and Development  

SOCL 309 Social Deviance**

SOCL 310 Behavior in Small Groups

SOCL 312 Collective Behavior and Social Movements

SOCL 322 Religion in Society**

SOCL 324 Sociology of Sport**

CRIM 330 Criminology**

CRIM 332 Juvenile Delinquency**

SOCL 342 Aging in Society**

SOCL 345 Sociology of Popular Music

SOCL 346 Special Topics

SOCL 350 Systems of Social Inequality

SOCL 352 Technology, Work and Society**

SOCL 355 Sociology of Gender

SOCL 359 Sexuality and Society

SOCL 360 The Community in Rural and Urban Settings**

CRIM 361 Race, Class, and Crime

SOCL 362 Social Institutions: Race, Class and Gender

SOCL 363 Population, Society, and Development

SOCL 372 Human-Wildlife Conflict

SOCL 375 Diversity in American Society**

SOCL 376 Sociology of Globalization

CRIM 380 Penology**

SOCL 389 Stigma and Society

SOCL 402 Evaluation Research Tech.

SOCL 404 Qualitative Research Methods

SOCL 408 Survey Applications

SOCL 410 Socialization

CRIM 432 Sociology of Criminal Law

CRIM 434 Organized Crime

SOCL 435 Family Violence

CRIM 438 Victimology**

SOCL 440 Sociology of Health and Illness

SOCL 442 Sociology Research Project

CRIM 446 Gender, Crime and Justice

CRIM 447 Life-Course Criminology

CRIM 448 International Justice and Crime

SOCL 450 Occupations and Professions**

CRIM 451 White Collar Crime

SOCL 452 Social Change

SOCL 455 Theory and Practice of Community Development

SOCL 466 Gender, Family and Society

SOCL 470 Environmental Sociology

SOCL 480 Sociology of Agri-Foods Systems

SOCL 489 Sociology Study Abroad

SOCL 494 Internship in Sociology**

SOCL 495 Directed Study

SOCL 496 Directed Study

*A major in Sociology only requires 3 more classes than a minor
**Available by correspondence. Contact: WKU office of Independent Learning, Garrett Conference Center Room 101 270.745.4158




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