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FAQs About Scholarly Activities for WKU Students

How can I benefit from participating in research or creative activities?

Research and creative activities will distinguish you from your peers. A demonstrated commitment to your studies proves that you have a real passion for learning, academics, and challenges. Research and creative activities will help make you more competitive for:

  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Assistantships
  • Fellowships
  • Grants
  • Graduate School
  • Jobs

How do I identify research opportunities?

It's simple. Start by talking to faculty members in the discipline you would like to explore. The more ideas you have about what you aspire to research or create, the easier it will be to match your interests to ongoing projects and experiences at WKU.

What if I'm still undecided on a major?

Research and creative activities provide opportunities to explore career options. Regardless of the field of study you are considering, there are WKU faculty members who can help guide your efforts. Research and creative activities give you the chance to explore a field of study in-depth and they can provide a glimpse of what a career in that field could look like.

Can I earn credit for research or creative activity?

It is up to your department whether college credit hours can be earned for your work. Many departments have a designated course section or an independent study option for students performing research or creative activity. In these cases, normal tuition rates apply.

Is there a cost associated?

Usually not. If there are supplies you need to purchase or if you have results or outcomes that you want to present at a conference, there are funding sources to assist in paying for supplies and/or travel. Refer to our web page on funding sources for suggestions.

When can I start?

In many fields, you can start NOW! In other fields, you may need to complete a prerequisite course. Talk to a faculty member in the department of interest to learn more.

"For my project, I traveled to Spain in order to interview one of the most prominent contemporary authors of the Spanish language, Cristina Peri Rossi. During the week-long trip to Barcelona, I not only gained a truly unique perspective on world literature, but I was also able to experience the Catalan culture firsthand. Thanks to the encouraging community and financial support from the Department of Modern Languages, the Student Government Association, and the Honors College, I was able to complete a project and establish a wonderful relationship that will surely be of great importance as I apply to graduate schools."

Dunja Zdero / Department of Modern Languages

Dunja Zdero portrait

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