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Information About Abstract Submissions


Please follow this link to submit an abstract: https://www.wku.edu/showcase/abstract/.




Students have four options for presenting their work at the conference. 


  Oral Papers 







Upon submitting an abstract, the faculty mentor is notified to review and approve the submission. Only those submissions approved by faculty mentors will be considered by the conference scheduling committee.


Students may modify or delete their abstract submissions prior to the deadline of February 27, 2024.

To do so, visit the Administration web page below and log-in with your NetID and password. https://webapps.wku.edu/showcase/index.php?fuseaction=auth.notLoggedin

Faculty mentors will be notified to re-review and re-approve submissions each time students make revisions. Due to time constraints in preparing the conference schedule and program, students are not permitted to modify or delete their submissions after the deadline.

Students are notified regarding acceptance or rejection of the submission.

Submission of an abstract obligates the student to attend the conference should the paper, poster/exhibit/display, performance, or video be selected for presentation.

Accordingly, students must be certain they are available all day the day of the conference before submitting an abstract. Students who are accepted to participate but fail to do so may be barred from participating in future conferences. Failure to present one's work at an academic meeting after being accepted is considered a serious scholarly offense and is not tolerated by professional organizations.




How to Write an Abstract

Students will learn how to write a summary statement of their research that includes the importance of the research, the problem it is addressing, the methodology, results, and implications (if applicable) in a manner that is clear, concise, and cohesive.


How to Make a Poster

Students will learn what elements make a good conference poster, as well as how to draw in their audience and summarize their research or creative activity concisely and attractively. 


How to Give a Talk

Students will learn the best practices of giving a full presentation at a research conference including key elements such as knowing your audience, constructing your presentation, practicing your delivery, and handling Q&A. 


Visualizing Research Data

Students will learn how to present their research data using common public data visualizations, such as charts, graphs, or diagrams, that can show the results without having to read the details or text. 


How to Present a Flash Talk

Students will learn the best practices of giving an approximate five-minute presentation at a research conference that gives a clear and succinct overview of your research or creative activity. 



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