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Internship Requirement

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Internships are required of all degree-seeking students in the Recreation Administration Program at Western Kentucky University. The 480-hour internship is designed to be a full-time professional experience lasting at least 10 weeks. Most students will complete the required 480 hours of volunteer or paid work in 12-13 weeks.

The term, “internship,” refers to a supervised educational work experience with an approved agency, organization, or institution. An Internship allows a student to develop professionally through a work experience under the guidance of leaders in a field.

In addition, the internship site is an extension of the curriculum, and the internship experience affords the student an opportunity to apply his/her theoretical knowledge and technical skills in a practical manner, gaining valuable pre-professional in-service training, which will better enable him/her to perform with a higher level of skill and confidence.

The internship handbook (linked below) was designed to guide students and their supervisors through this internship experience. The handbook is required for all students enrolled in REC 490.

As a general rule, students are not allowed to take any additional coursework or be employed by another organization during the internship. The Agency and University Supervisors must approve any other coursework or other employment during the internship. Approval for other employment will be granted only in special cases.

The internship is designed to be a full-time work experience. If a student wishes to enroll in a course during internship, a letter stating the rationale for enrolling in the course should be composed by the student and be submitted to the University Supervisor for approval by all the Recreation Administration faculty members. The student may have to attend a faculty meeting to support their case.

Download Pre-Internship Forms A-D

Download Internship Manual

Intention to Intern Application

Internship Eligibility Requirements

All undergraduate Recreation majors must meet the following requirements to be eligible for REC 490 Internship:

  1. Have completed all other core course requirements for major (a total of 24) AND
  2. Have documented the completion of at least 150 Contact Hours since declaring the major AND
  3. Have a 2.0 GPA overall AND
  4. Have current First Aid certification (effective Fall 2012) AND
  5. Have current CPR certification (effective Fall 2012)

Near mid-term of the semester prior to internship, the University Internship Supervisor will hold an internship orientation meeting. During that meeting, all eligibility requirements will be confirmed by the internship supervisor.


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