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Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement

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Elementary Mathematics Specialists are teachers, teacher leaders, or mathematics coaches who are responsible for supporting effective mathematics instruction and student learning at the classroom, school, district, or state levels. 

In addition to developing an in-depth knowledge and expertise with regard to teaching elementary mathematics, graduate students may include the endorsement course work within the Specialization component of the MAE and Planned 5th year programs in Elementary Education-Teacher Leader. In addition, students in the Planned 6th-year/Rank I program in Elementary Education may also elect to incorporate this endorsement within their programs. The endorsement can be incorporated in the EdS in Elementary Education as well.

Did you know?

WKU is Kentucky’s first university to offer the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement, P-5. The national Elementary Mathematics Specialist standards prepared by the American Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) have provided guidance for development the development of the endorsement.

A Joint Position Statement by AMTE, ASSM, NCSM, and NCTM recommends the use of Elementary Mathematics Specialists (EMS professionals) in pre-K–6 environments to enhance the teaching, learning, and assessing of mathematics to improve student achievement.

For the most current information on teacher education and certification, admission to professional education and admission to student teaching, consult the website for the Office of Teacher Services (wku.edu/teacherservices).

*Applicants in Elementary Education outside of Kentucky should check with their licensing entity to determine eligibility for the EMS Endorsement vs. EMS Certificate to see which is available and the best fit.

  • Applicants for the 15 credit hour Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement must have or be eligible for a teaching certificate for Elementary Education, Grades P-5.
  • No GRE is required.

This endorsement may be earned as a stand-alone certificate or may count toward the MAE in Elementary Education. Students wishing to pursue the endorsement as part of a master’s program, must meet the admission criteria for that program.

The graduate endorsement in Elementary Mathematics requires 15 hours that may be incorporated into the Elementary Education MAE program or other graduate programs for elementary teachers:

Pedagogy Requirements

Nine credit hours (3 courses) are required in the area of pedagogy. They include:

  • ELED 571: Leadership, Math, and Technology Education (Fall)
  • ELED 572: Math and Technology Methods for Diverse Learners (Spring)
  • ELED 573: Math and Technology Assessment, 3 credit hours (Summer)

Mathematics Content Requirements

Six hours (two courses) are required in the content area. Certain course restrictions apply.

  • *MATH 411G: Problem Solving for Elementary and Middle Grades Teachers (Fall and Spring). 
  • MATH 507: Math for Elementary and Middle Grades Teachers (odd summers) 
  • MATH 508: Number Concepts for Elementary and Middle Grades Teachers (even summers)\

*Math 411G is required for all students who did not complete MATH 411 as part of a baccalaureate program.

Choosing Content Courses

MATH 411/411G must be successfully completed at the undergraduate or graduate level. Completion of this course determines requirements for the content category.

  • Students who completed MATH 411 as part of a bachelor degree program must take MATH 507 and MATH 508;
  • Students who did not complete MATH 411 as an undergraduate must take MATH 411G + one additional course from the approved list.Students who completed MATH 411 as undergraduates must take both MATH 507 and 508.

Total Required Hours: 15 hours

Elementary Math Specialist (P-5) “Endorsement” Details

The Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement is designed to give professionals both a deep and practical knowledge of the content and pedagogy of elementary mathematics and skills for working with other professionals to develop their mathematical knowledge for teaching in P-5 settings.

  • Unique model with roots beginning the Toyota Math and Technology Leadership Academy
  • State and national reputation for highly qualified teacher education graduates
  • Highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff
  • Integration of educational technology throughout program
  • Educational Resources Center that contains library resources dedicated specifically to education programs

Elementary Math Specialization (P-5) “Certificate” Details

The Elementary Mathematics Specialization P-5 Certificate is designed to give education professionals a breadth of elementary mathematics content and mathematics pedagogy knowledge. It will also further develop collaborative skills needed to enhance mathematical knowledge for teaching in P-5 team teaching or co-teaching settings.

An Elementary Mathematics Specialization Certificate is for:

  • Elementary teachers outside of Kentucky in a state without an EMS Endorsement*
  • Middle/secondary mathematics teachers
  • Special education teachers who are responsible for supporting effective mathematics instruction and student learning at the classroom, school, district, or state levels

This graduate certificate does NOT lead to certification for an addition to a teaching license, but rather will be listed as a certificate on the WKU transcript upon completion.  The coursework leads to more knowledge about elementary mathematics education for those not eligible for the Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) Endorsement.

*Applicants in Elementa

Program Contact

Program Advisor: Dr. Janet Tassell
Email: janet.tassell@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-5306

WKU Online

Student Support Specialist: Nikki Roof
 (270) 745-5173
Email: learn.online@wku.edu

The Graduate School

Email: graduate.school@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-2446
Website: wku.edu/graduate

For more information about the cost of the program, average time to complete the program, and other important information, please visit this website.

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Information about accreditation can be found through the Office of the Provost.

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