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Geological Sciences

Interested in studying the Earth, our only home? Looking to make a difference for the Planet? Aspire to shape your own future? Look no further than Geology/Earth Science, the science of the 21st Century, dedicated to fostering a sustainable Planet. Geological Sciences is the ground zero for tackling global societal challenges today like climate change, environmental degradation, natural hazards, water resources, mineral resources, and renewable energy resources. WKU'S Geological Sciences program is one of the Kentucky's largest undergraduate geology/earth science programs (2022-2023). Join WKU's Geological Sciences program and be part of a vibrant community of geoscientists. Our Geological Sciences program lets you explore the far corners of the world. All the processes on Planet Earth are complex and interrelated.


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In concert with the current employment trends and student interest, the Geological Sciences program offers three concentrations to choose from – Environmental Earth Science, Geology, and General. These concentrations have a common core, but each has different concentration requirements.

In the Environmental Earth Science (ENES) concentration, requirements are more defined and focused on concepts and applications specific to environmental geology, preparing students for environment-related jobs.

In the Geology (GEOL) concentration, students can choose from a variety of elective courses based on their interests and career goals (e.g., jobs related to mineral and energy resources).

General concentration will allow students in other major/minor programs to get a degree in Geological Sciences with fewer hours. Since we don’t have a minor in Geological Sciences, this General concentration should help to fill this gap.

All of these concentrations provide the knowledge base for students to pursue the initial phase of Professional Geologist licensure (www.asbog.org), and prepare students who wish to pursue graduate school.

This program provides advanced professional training for careers as hydrologists, geologists, environmental resource managers, city and regional planners, engineering geologists, geophysical and geochemical geologists, meteorologists and climatologists, earth science teachers, Geographic Information Systems specialists, consultants in business and industry, university faculty, and professional educators. The program also provides a scientific foundation for graduate students who plan to continue advanced studies leading to the Ph.D. 


To know USA-wide Geology career, please type in United States of America in the 'Search new location' box under Geology Career Outlook button.

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Our Geological Sciences program helps you prepare for geoscience and environmental science graduate programs, prepares for a wide variety of exciting career opportunities, including jobs and internships in the corporate (e.g., environmental, engineering, mining, and energy), government (e.g., surveys, agencies, and park service), and academia, and gain the core knowledge necessary to pursue the Professional Geologist licensure. We offer a unique and immersive student-centered active learning experience through exciting fieldwork in eye-popping places including the Mammoth Cave, and cutting-edge technology like Raman microscopy, remote sensing, GIS, and 3D subsurface modeling that set this program apart. Our students present their research at professional conferences, author or coauthor peer-reviewed publications, and engage in active research opportunities with hands-on work using top-of-the-line techniques, tools, and equipment. We're also proud to offer study abroad and study away opportunities. 

In-State Tuition
for Border States

Full-time, first-time freshmen who are residents of any state that borders Kentucky can attend WKU for the in-state tuition rate. This scholarship will lower the tuition cost by nearly 60% for most students, and students can still stack on other institutional scholarships to further reduce cost.

Eligible states include Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Our students are presented with applied research, internships, and professional opportunities that empower a passionate and creative culture within our Geological Sciences program.

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Geological Sciences

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