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SAP Appeal Required Documentation

This page contains helpful information on what documents are required to be submitted as part of a Satisfactory Academic Appeal.


This personal statement is required to be uploaded and submitted with your SAP Appeal regardless of which type of appeal you are filing. Items that must be included in your personal statement are

    • Reason(s) you failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards
    • Action plan on how your previous situation has since changed to allow you to now meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards
    • What plans do you have in place to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and become academically successful moving forward

Written documentation from a healthcare provider on letterhead detailing

    • Approximate date of onset and duration of the illness, injury, or disability
    • Healthcare provider's release to return to school
    • Any additional details the physician feels necessary for the Dept. Student Financial Assistance staff to know in consideration of the appeal with your permission

Provide documentation (i.e. physician's statement, police report, or documentation from a third party professional) relating the individual for whom you provided care


Provide an original copy of the death certificate, obituary, or complete funeral program identifying you as a family member. All documentation will be verified for authenticity.

Provide an attorney's letter on letterhead, petition for dissolution, or copy of the divorce decree

Provide a written statement on letterhead from a professional involved in the situation and/or other documentation such as police reports, insurance claims, etc. 

The appeal letter must clearly state how the situation was unforeseen and out of your control. Provide supporting documentation that verifies the circumstances described in the appeal letter.


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 Last Modified 8/11/22