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Verification Process

Every year the U. S. Department of Education (DOE) selects a percentage of financial aid applicants for a review of their financial aid information. This review is known as Verification. If your application is selected for verification, you must submit certain information, as determined by the DOE, in order to receive federal student aid. 

Students selected for Verification receive a Missing Information Letter (MIL) from WKU. MILs are emailed to the student’s WKU Topper Mail or to the email account listed on the student’s FAFSA until a Topper Mail is assigned.

The MIL directs students to KHEAA Verify, the state agency that processes FAFSA verifications for all Western Kentucky University students. KHEAA Verify contacts the student to begin verification and continues its outreach until the process is complete. To avoid financial aid delays, students (and parents of dependent students) should work closely with KHEAA Verify throughout the verification process.

Once Verification is complete, if there are no other outstanding requirements on TopNet, WKU will prepare an official award package based on the verified FAFSA results.


Please submit all verification documents to KHEAA Verify, not to WKU. Most forms can be completed electronically by registering/logging in to the student’s My KHEAA account. Others can be submitted through KHEAA’s secure document-upload feature or by fax, email, or postal mail.

KHEAA Verify

P.O. Box 4048
Frankfort, KY 40604

Phone: 855-272-8771                            

Fax: 502-696-7230

Email: verification@kheaa.com

The Department of Education determines what documentation is required for FAFSA verification, and it varies by student. However, the basics often include the following:

  • a verification worksheet, available as an e-form on KHEAA’s website (must be completed and e-signed by the student; parents of dependent students must also e-sign)
  • proof of the student’s income and federal tax information
  • proof of the parent(s)’ income and federal tax information (only applies to dependent students)

Helpful Hint : Log in to the student’s My KHEAA account and click on the blue question mark beside each outstanding requirement. Instructions will pop up that explain how to obtain the information KHEAA is requesting.

For FAFSA verification purposes, the DOE requires students (and parents of dependent students) to obtain tax documentation directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Even if you/your parent did not file a federal tax return, you may be required to obtain proof from the IRS and submit it to KHEAA Verify.

Before submitting any tax forms, log in to the student’s My KHEAA account and click on the blue question mark beside each outstanding requirement. Instructions will pop up that explain how to obtain the information KHEAA is requesting. Failure to submit DOE-approved documentation may result in significant processing delays, so be sure to follow the instructions or contact KHEAA Verify with questions.

Helpful Hint : 2015 income and federal tax information is required for the 2016-2017 FAFSA and the 2017-2018 FAFSA. 2016 income and federal tax information is required for the2018-2019 FAFSA.

After reviewing the basic information you/your parent(s) provide, additional documentation is often required by the DOE before KHEAA can complete the verification process. Please respond promptly to requests for additional information, and include your WKU student ID when submitting documents. Monitor your email inbox and your My KHEAA account until the status shows “Verification Complete.”

Verification processing should resolve any errors on your FAFSA. KHEAA Verify will either confirm that your FAFSA is accurate or will submit corrections to the federal processor. The processor will recalculate your eligibility for federal student aid programs and send WKU an updated version of your FAFSA. During this transitional period, your verification status on TopNet will show “Reprocessing.” WKU will base your financial aid award on the verified FAFSA results (and will adjust previously-awarded aid, if applicable).

In general, when Verification is complete and all other requirements on TopNet have been satisfied, students can expect an official award notification within two weeks.   

Every year the CPS (Central Processing Center) randomly selects students for verification. When a student is chosen for verification, the educational institution is required to verify the accuracy of the data reported on the student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students selected for verification must submit required documentation to the institution, and that information is compared to the data on the FAFSA. If a discrepancy is found, the institution makes the necessary corrections to the student’s FAFSA through “CPS Online.” Once the corrections have been processed, the CPS will issue the student a new SAR (Student Aid Report), which reflects any changes made to the FAFSA as well as any change in the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution number). 


red arrowAll verification documents must be received by August 1 of the award year to guarantee a student will be awarded by the Fall semester "fees due date," and by January 1 of the award year to guarantee that a student will be awarded by the Spring semester "fees due date." WKU does NOT award federal (Title IV) aid until the verification process is complete.

red arrowOccasionally a student is selected for verification after being awarded Title IV aid. The student will be subject to all the rules and requirements of verification as those applicants who were selected before being awarded. If the student's federal Title IV aid eligibility changes as a result of corrections made through the verification process, any required return of Title IV funds will be returned to the appropriate accounts through the Office of Billings and Receivables, and the student will owe WKU for any remaining balance that may occur due to funds being returned. CPS will issue the student an updated SAR, reflecting any corrections made to his/her FAFSA, and SFA will notify the student through WKU email of any changes to his/her Title IV aid. All Title IV aid changes will also be reflected on his/her TopNet "Account Summary" (billing account information).

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