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Field Trips and Off Campus Learning Travel Information

Faculty led field trips sponsored by Western Kentucky University (WKU) require compliance with the WKU Field Trip Policy. The information on this page and Western Kentucky University's policy on field trips can be found in the WKU Faculty Handbook or the Risk Management at WKU

You may have occasion to require students to visit an off campus facility. It may be for a local Service Learning project, visiting a local historical site, travel abroad, etc.  It is desirable that the field trips be listed in the description of the course in the catalog. The opportunity to change descriptions only comes up every few years. Talk with your department head about the procedure. Information for course-related field trips can be found on these course related forms.

Forms that should be completed, as applicable:

Employee Forms:

Course-Related Field Trip Approval Form (an E-Signature Form)

Employee Travel Authorization Form 


Student Forms:

Depending on the nature of the trip it is advisable to obtain a copy of their insurance card, emergency contact information for several individuals, and information about medical conditions that would be important to know when traveling. On any field trip sponsored by WKU there should be a Release and Waiver of Liability form obtained from anyone participating (see below).

Release and Waiver of Liability Form – Single Event

Release and Waiver of Liability Form – Multiple Events


Drivers and Insurance Forms:

Do NOT drive students anywhere without reviewing the policies so you will know what happens in the event of an accident or other issue. Understand the insurance issues by visiting http://www.wku.edu/finadmin/insurance.

Use of Vehicles and Approved Drivers Policy

Drivers Release and Application Form

Printable copy, Rental Vehicle, Proof of Insurance

Vehicle Accident Report Form


International Study Abroad Travel

Faculty Led International Programs


Other Helpful Information and Links:


In addition, a person not going on the trip should have a list of those "getting on the bus" so that someone at WKU knows who actually left. The concerned department should have the list of those who really left plus an itinerary of the trip.

The Study Away Program may have additional advice. If the trip is an international trip you need to contact the Study Abroad Advisor or Assistant Director in the Office of International Programs at https://www.wku.edu/studyabroad/.

They can also provide additional information concerning in country trips. There may be some restrictions, requirements, or procedures that are required by Academics in addition to those detailed above. It is suggested that any academic field trip be reviewed by Academic Affairs.

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