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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of some our most frequently asked questions about the transfer admissions process at WKU below. If you have additional questions that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

What is the transfer policy at WKU?

Credits earned at other regionally accredited American institutions of higher education may be transferred to WKU and applied toward a degree. The "Transfer Credit Practices" report published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers will be the reference used for the evaluation of such credits.

All credit is recorded in semester hours. Plus and minus grades will be recorded as the letter grade only.

What if I attended a non-regionally accredited institution?

WKU accepts credit from other institutions if the institutions have met the accrediting standards of the appropriate regional accreditation association. Students who previously earned course credit from a non-regionally accredited institution may petition for recognition of that credit. Consideration will be given to courses whose content suggests competencies at least equivalent to courses offered by WKU.

For further information please download the petition here:

Petition for Acceptance of Credit Earned at Institutions Not Accredited by Regional Accrediting Associations.

How can I find out about how my courses will transfer?

To apply to the University, we need official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. An official transcript is typically sent from one institution to another in a sealed envelope for the receiving institution to open upon arrival. We do not accept copies of official transcripts, only the official transcript.

In order to provide more accurate information and better service, prospective transfer students will receive an evaluation of transfer credit after they are admitted to the University. This is done to help ensure that all transcripts are evaluated properly and that the transfer student is admitted to the University.

Upon receipt of your application and official transcripts, we will be glad to provide you with an evaluation of your transfer credits. You may view your unofficial WKU transfer report on TOPNET at topnet.wku.edu/ approximately 3 weeks after we receive all official documentation.

What is the application fee?

For students interested in transferring to WKU, the application fee is $45.00. For students applying for the Summer 2022 term or later terms, the application fee is $50.00.

How do I apply for admission?

The online application process is available to you as a convenience and is a secure process. You will be required to mail additional documentation to the Office of Admissions in order to have your application considered complete. The application-processing fee is $45.00 (or $50.00 for students applying for the Summer 2022 term or later terms) and is non-refundable. Any major credit or debit card can be used to pay the application fee. Online applications are available at: wku.edu/apply.

Should you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at transfer@wku.edu or by telephone at (270) 745-2178. We look forward to hearing from you.

Will my financial aid transfer to WKU?

Federal aid such as Pell Grants and Federal Stafford Loans are transferable from one school to another. Kentucky state aid such as the CAP grant and the Kees Scholarship are transferable as well. University specific scholarships are not typically transferable. If you have additional questions please contact us at fa.questions@wku.edu or by telephone at (270) 745-2755.

Do I have to live on campus?

Freshman and Sophomores are required to live on campus. Exemptions for this policy include students who: are married, have dependent children, are commuting from parent's or guardian's permanent address (50 miles or less), are military veterans of 181 days or more, are 21 years of age or older, and special circumstances. For additional information, please visit wku.edu/housing.


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