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A student in my class is wearing something over their face, but it does not appear to be a face covering that is sufficient (i.e., doesn’t cover their nose, overly porous material). What should I do?

Talk with the student privately to see if they have a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering properly. 

  • If so, provide contact information for the Student Accessibility Resource Center.
  • If not, ask the student to put on a face covering for class as part of upholding our policy and syllabus guidelines for a safe classroom environment.: (Remember to use sample replies provided) 

A student not wearing a face covering says that they have a disability or medical condition that precludes from wearing a face covering. What should I do to accommodate them?

See above answer

Can I set the policy in my lab or research space for face coverings

Consult your department head, be certain that the policy is consistent with the protocol outlined by the WKU policy, i.e., indoor face covering usage is required unless the space is clearly occupied by only a single individual.

Are face coverings required when I’m working in my office/lab/workspace alone?

Face coverings are not required when alone in a room, apartment or where your unit has posted a notice that an area is exempt from the face covering requirement. You should receive clear instruction from your department head if this may be allowed in your area before deciding to not wear a face covering.

How is WKU protecting against discrimination and bias related to COVID-19?

Adverse or hostile actions against any member of our campus community (student, staff, faculty) based on assumptive risks will not be tolerated. If you need to report an incidence of bias, you may do so here. If you have an immediate concern about the health and safety of a student or employee, please contact the WKU Police Department at 270-745-2548.

What resources are available for my well-being and self-care?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional resource for counseling and other consultation. Many services are free of charge. The EAP is available to WKU employees and family members. More information available here.

LiveHealth is a telemedicine option available online to WKU employees and offered through the WKU Health Plan. Members with LiveHealth Online benefits can access video visits with doctors and mental health professionals.

The WKU Health Plan will continue to:

  • Waive any member cost-share (copay, coinsurance and deductibles) for the diagnostic test related to COVID-19, as well as for visits associated with COVID-19 testing. (federally mandated through the end of the public health emergency).
  • Waive any member cost share for telehealth/telephone-only visits with providers in the plan’s network through September 30, 2020 (WKU voluntarily opted-in to waiving member cost-share)
  • Waive any member cost share for in-network providers on treatment of COVID-19 through December 31, 2020. (WKU voluntarily opted-in to waiving member cost-share) 

If a class is offered face-to-face or hybrid, and students want to take the class online, are faculty required to teach the class online?

Faculty may be able to work with students who need a special arrangement, but in most cases, students will need to take a different course that is already offered online. 

Can a student ask me directly for accommodations?

In compliance with University policy, students with disabilities who require academic and/or auxiliary accommodations for this course must contact the Student Accessibility Resource Center located in Downing Student Union, Room 1074.  The SARC can be reached by phone number at 270-745-5004 [270-745-3030 TTY] or via email at sarc.connect@wku.edu. Please do not request accommodations directly from the professor or instructor without a faculty notification letter (FNL) from The Student Accessibility Resource Center.

What is the Title IX and Discrimination Policy?

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is committed to supporting faculty, staff and students by upholding WKU’s Title IX Sexual Misconduct/Assault Policy (#0.2070) and Discrimination and Harassment Policy (#0.2040). Under these policies, discrimination, harassment and/or sexual misconduct based on sex/gender are prohibited. If you experience an incident of sex/gender-based discrimination, harassment and/or sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to report it to the Title IX Coordinator, Andrea Anderson, 270-745-5398 or Title IX Investigators, Michael Crowe, 270-745-5429 or Joshua Hayes, 270-745-5121.Please note that while you may report an incident of sex/gender based discrimination, harassment and/or sexual misconduct to a faculty member, WKU faculty are “Responsible Employees” of the University and MUST report what you share to WKU’s Title IX Coordinator or Title IX Investigator. If you would like to speak with someone who may be able to afford you confidentiality, you may contact WKU’s Counseling and Testing Center at 270-745-3159.


How do I report:

For non-compliance or other COVID-19 concerns, please contact The Office of Student Conduct:  https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?WesternKentuckyUniv&layout_id=50

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