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Budgeting, Efficiency, and Infrastructure

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Progress Notes

Budget, Efficiency and Infrastructure Strategic Planning Task Group

Progress Update as of November 9, 2017

  1. Clarification about “budget.”
  • There are a few groups looking at budgetary issues. The Budget Council is a separate group and they are tasked at looking at short-term budgetary issues.  The Council is looking at identifying a budget model or perhaps a hybrid model that might best suit the institution in supporting big ideas and innovative goals that are identified in the strategic planning process further down the road. 
  • Recognizing money is often tied to action and strategic goals have to be backed with funding, this Budget, Efficiency and Infrastructure (BEI) task group is looking at long-term planning and fiscal stewardship as a guiding principle to demonstrate a reflection of WKU mission and values tied to strategic planning.
  1. Process

The BEI group first asked the question “What would an efficient and innovative institution look like?”  Drawing ideas generated from this question, the BEI group came up with the following concept map:

chart 1

We then asked the question “What would a student-centered institution look like?”  The following is another concept map generated by the group:

chart 2

3. This process is ongoing and this document outlines preliminary ideas and thoughts for the BEI group and the growth and development of WKU.



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