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Progress Notes


To:             Bruce Schulte and Paul Potter

From:        Rob Hale and Harold Little (Academic Innovation & Excellence Working Group)

Date:          November 20, 2017

Re:             Summary of Activity through November 13, 2017


The Working Group has met four times since the October 9th Kick-off Meeting.  Our meetings have alternated between morning and late afternoon 1-2 hours sessions.  Minutes were taken and available for review.  Attendance has been very good.

Data requested and received from IR:

  1. Six-Year Graduation Rates for First-Time Freshmen and First-Time Transfers Starting Fall 2010 and 2011 – Aggregate and By First Major
  2. Average Upper-Division GPA for First-Time Freshmen and First-Time Transfers Starting Fall 2010 and 2011 – Aggregate and By First Major
  3. Percentage of General Education Courses Completed at WKU or Elsewhere

Summary of Major Discussions:

  1. Every session has been a brainstorming session.
  2. Concerns raised about definitions of excellence (i.e., quality??) and innovation (i.e., change??) as they apply to our purpose and mission.
  3. Difficulty has been encountered trying to identify and then articulate one or two goals.
  4. SWOT analysis performed during October 30th Interestingly, 6 strengths, 12 weaknesses, 19 opportunities, and 9 threats were identified.
  5. Ray distributed “The Future of WORK and What It Means for Higher Education.”

Reoccurring ideas:

  1. Adult education is important.
  2. Creation of innovative hybrid and fully online programs of study.
  3. Differential tuition structure for general education and upper-level courses.
  4. Provide greater incentive for innovation.
  5. Need to examine the relationship between community colleges and WKU regarding cost, associate degree programs, and general education requirements.
  6. What is the role of general education and should it relate to upper-level major courses?



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