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Minor in Health Education

The minor in health education (reference number 389) requires a minimum of 23 semester hours. This minor provides a basic foundation for students desiring preparation in health promotion and disease prevention. The minor in health education may be used in combination with many majors to enhance a student's career opportunities and as preparation for graduate study in a variety of health disciplines. Completion of the minor along with a teaching certifiable major leads to certification in health education. Three credit hours of electives must be selected from the following courses with approval of the academic advisor: PH 385, PH 456, PH 463, PH 465 or HMD 211. Alternative electives may be approved by advisor.


Coure Number Course Title Credit Hours
BIOL 131 Human Anatomy and Physiology    4
SFTY 171 Safety and First Aid    1
PH 261 Foundations of Health Education    3
PH 365 Human Sexuality    3
PH 381 Community Health    3
PH 461 Comprehensive School Health Program    3
PH 467 Drug Abuse Education    3

Electives: HMD 211, PH 385, PH 456, PH 463, PH 465

Human Nutrition, Environmental Health, Independent Study in Health and Safety, Consumer Health, Health and Safety in the Elementary School    3




 *Students utilizing the minor in health education for teacher certification must complete SEC 483, Teaching Health, as a required support course.

*All courses in the minor must be completed with a minimum grade of "C."

For more information contact:
Dr. Grace Lartey
Director, Undergraduate and Master of Public Health Programs
Academic Complex 129D


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