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The University Publications department provides free, professional design services for WKU departments including custom graphic design projects for print and web. Review the following steps to learn more about our design process. Depending on the project, academic departments may work with Academic Program Marketing for their needs. 


Design Process


Step 1

Decide on a Graphic Design Piece

Before submitting a publication design request, determine all of your needs and design sizes. Here are some of the graphic designs that are made through our Office of Publications. 

  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Logo signatures
  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Posters
  • Print advertising
  • Promotional materials & specialty items
  • Signage
  • Web Ads 
  • Social Media graphics

Step 2

Prepare Your Content
  • Take time to draft any text that you would like to be included on your print piece. This includes, but not limited to the call(s) to action, header, sub-headings, body text, and contact information.
  • Ensure everyone who would be involved in the proofing process has a chance to review the content prior to submitting the design request. This helps save time during the proofing phase.
  • Save the information in a Microsoft Word document, which can be uploaded during the publication design request. 
  • Review the guidelines in the Communication & Branding Manual.
  • Collect any images and logos that you would like included. They will need to be submitted any of the following high resolution formats:  jpg, png, psd, tiff, raster pdf, and Photoshop eps files on the request form. They can also be submitted in the following vector formats:  ai, eps, svg, and pdf. Vector files are recommended. Email publications@wku.edu if you have questions about file types. 

Step 3

Request a Design
  • Determine if your design request should go to the Office of Publications or Academic Program Marketing. If you are submitting the request for an academic program, please view details on their website.
  • Submit written content and images using the publications request form.
  • Depending on the type of piece, we expect the first draft of the design to be complete approximately two weeks after the design request date. Missing information may cause a delay receiving the first proof. 

Step 4

Review Your Proof
  • If you have requested a print piece, please let the designers know if you would like assistance getting a print estimate from a licensed university vendor. You can submit your own request on the printing website as well. 
  • Once you receive a proof from the designer, please make any noted changes. Review it with any other decision makers in your office. Then, send all changes back to the designer. 
  • Additional proofing will be required from the print vendor if your piece is being printed. 

Step 5

Project Completion
  • Once the project is complete, the designer will send you the final designs. 
  • For a print project, the designer can submit the final files to the licensed university print vendor. This approach is recommended.


Submit a Design Request

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