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Vision and Haptics Lab

Lab Managers Farley Norman and Hideko Norman

Lab Directors

J. Farley Norman, Ph.D.

Scientific Impact (as of 16 June 2022):

g index: 65 (top 65 cited articles have been cited at least g-squared times, i.e., more than 4225 times)
h index: 40 (40 articles have been cited at least 40 times each)
i10 index: 83 (83 articles have had at least 10 citations each)
17 articles have been cited at least 100 times

Most cited article: Norman, Todd, Perotti, & Tittle (1996), 262 citations to date

Total times articles cited: 4815

J. Farley Norman is a University Distinguished Professor at Western Kentucky University. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin (1983), and received his Master's and Ph.D. degrees from Vanderbilt University (1989 & 1990). He subsequently became a post-doctoral fellow at Brandeis University and The Ohio State University. He was trained as a research scientist by Joseph Lappin and James T. Todd.  To date, J. Farley Norman is author of 103 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals (and 5 book chapters). Dr. Norman's research uses psychophysical techniques to study the visual and haptic systems. In addition, his research program investigates how human perceptual systems are affected by processes associated with aging. He has served as consulting editor of the journal "Perception & Psychophysics". In 2005, Dr. Norman was elected Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).  Farley.Norman@wku.edu

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Farley feeding deer in Japan

Hideko F. Norman, Ph.D.

Hideko Norman received her undergraduate and Master's degrees from Nara Women's University in Nara, Japan. Most of her doctoral research was conducted at Kyoto University; Dr. Norman earned her Ph.D. from Shiga University of Medical Science in Otsu, Shiga, Japan.  To date, Dr. Norman is author of 28 peer-reviewed journal articles concerning vision and haptics.  Hideko.Norman@wku.edu

Lab Researchers:


Hannah Shapiro

Hannah Shapiro began doing research in the Fall of 2018. hannah.shapiro186@topper.wku.edu

Jerica Eaton

Jerica began doing research in the Fall of 2021. jerica.eaton563@topper.wku.edu

Maheen Baig

Maheen began doing research in the Fall of 2021. maheen.baig176@topper.wku.edu

Taylor Vincent

Taylor began doing research in the Fall of 2021. taylor.vincent754@topper.wku.edu

Baleigh Noland

Baleigh began doing research in the Fall of 2021. jonna.noland377@topper.wku.edu

McKenzie Gunter

McKenzie began doing research in the Fall of 2021. mckenzie.gunter235@topper.wku.edu


Graduate Student Lab Veterans

  • Olivia Adkins
  • Ashley Bartholomew
  • Cory Burton
  • Anna Marie Clayton
  • Jacob Cheeseman
  • Charles Crabtree
  • Thomas Dawson
  • Catherine J. Dowell
  • Jessica M. Dukes
  • Alexia J. Higginbotham
  • Jessica Holmin
  • RaShae Jennings
  • Young-lim Lee
  • T. Ryan McBride
  • Kristina Pattison
  • Sharon M. Payton
  • Shane Raines
  • Heather Ross
  • Lindsey M. Shain
  • Elizabeth Wiesemann

Undergraduate Lab Veterans

  • Olivia Adkins
  • Michael Baxter
  • Amanda Beers
  • Leah Best
  • Alex Boswell
  • Amy Butler
  • Autum Calloway
  • Jacob Cheeseman
  • Anna Marie Clayton
  • Andrea Cox
  • Charles Crabtree
  • Amy Craft
  • Catherine J. Dowell
  • Nicholas Fedorka
  • Elizabeth Ferrell
  • Adam Frost
  • Ashley Gilliam
  • Katherine Goforth
  • Matthew Hall
  • Laura Hawkes
  • Molly Herrmann
  • Stevie Hoyng
  • Noah Kapley
  • Jonathan Kinnard
  • Davora Lamirande
  • Joann Lianekhammy
  • Jennifer Long
  • T. Ryan McBride
  • Jackie Moment
  • Brandon Moncrief
  • Elizabeth Mullins
  • Tori Palmore
  • Sharon M. Payton
  • Lauren Pedersen
  • Ashley Peterson
  • Jessica Pyles
  • Shane Raines
  • Cecia Reyes
  • Connor Rogers
  • Cecilia Ronning
  • Karli Sanders
  • A. Kate Scott
  • Lindsey M. Shain
  • Challee Shartzer
  • Abdallah Sher
  • Cassandra Shular
  • Angela Stethen
  • DaSha Stockton
  • Jessica Swindle
  • M. Jett Taylor
  • Kelsey Thomason
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Alex Tungate
  • Crystal Walton
  • Sydney Wheeler
  • Rachel Wulff
  • Gina Zielke




vision sciences society meeting 2017

Young, Chuck, & Farley

lab 2015farley and rashae

Jessica Dukes and FarleyLindsey Shain Med School

vss 2017

Catherine & Farley, 2018 



Jake Cheeseman, the experimenter

Graduation 2018

student with printer

Crystal and Friend

vss 2018

Farley with bell pepper


laser scan

farley at VSS

sweet potatoes

Farley making bell pepper replicas


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