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Cognitive Development Lab

Just how competent are very young infants?
Recent research suggests that infants have a great deal of knowledge about their world and sophisticated mechanisms for acquiring new information. In the Infant Cognition Lab, we are using a variety of techniques to fully understand some of these early capabilities.
One of the most essential developmental processes is categorization: the ability to group similar objects together in useful and meaningful ways. We are examining three aspects of this process:

  1. How do infants come to understand the basic, physical properties of individual objects?
  2. How do infants combine these properties to form categories of similar objects?
  3. How do infants begin to associate words with these categories?By observing infants' attention to visually presented displays as well as their interactions with real objects, we are discovering that infants' knowledge is constructed gradually during the first two years of life.

For more information please contact Dr. Kelly Madole (Kelly.Madole@wku.edu).

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