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Dr. Kelly Madole
Dr. Kelly Madole
- Department Head; Professor
Research Interests

My research is focused on cognitive changes that occur during infancy and early childhood and how these changes impact the way that children organize the world. Much of my research is on the development of categorization, an ability that is fundamental to many other behaviors. I have been conducting research in two major areas. First, I have been exploring the development of object categorization, with a focus on developmental changes in the way infants and young children categorize artifacts and natural objects. Second, I have been exploring the early development of social categorization, with a focus on when young children attend to and make use of social categories such as gender and race.

Dr. Madole is the director of the Cognitive Development Lab.

  • Child Developmental Psychology
  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • Advanced Child Developmental Psychology
  • Special Topics In Developmental Psychology

I believe that true learning implies a fundamental change in the way students view the world and their place within it. This kind of learning can only occur when students have the motivation and the opportunity to become active participants in their own education.

My main teaching goals are to:

  1. create an environment in which students feel both challenged and supported
  2. encourage students to recognize the ways that they can make a unique contribution to their field, and
  3. encourage students to view their education as something that happens both within and outside the classroom.
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