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ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification
Trix Bruce

Learn how to "change yourself" into someone or something else. In literature, the technique of "personification" gives an inanimate object, a plant, or animal characteristics that make it seem "human." The object shows emotions and takes on human-like behaviors. You can use this technique in American Sign Language to "become" a flower, a butterfly, or even a book! Trix will demonstrate how to personify characters and shift roles within your story. You'll learn how to "become" a baseball, basketball, beach ball, bowling ball, football, marble, ping pong ball, racquetball, soccer ball, water polo ball, and more!

Lindsey Turley

American Sign Language. For some it is their heart language used from their earliest days; for others it is learned later in life. No matter the reason, we all have one thing in common - the language itself. It is a paradox in that it follows a very strict set of rules and yet is fluid and flexible bending to the will of its users. However, to enjoy the fluidity of ASL one must first understand and respect its rules. In this workshop we will take a look at some of the most basic rules and structure of ASL in order to both deepen our understanding of and enhance our use of the language.

Depicting Verbs and Classifiers! ASL THAT!
Sylvya Boyd


Sunrise Service & Religious Signs
Phillip Boyd

This session will focus on ASL related to religion. Participants will learn how to interpret sermons, story's from the bible and even how to change certain songs into proper ASL.

ASL Mastery: The First Time Around
Mike Helms

Since this is geared toward beginners, we will have A BLAST teaching you the value of learning basic signs right, “the first time around.” You will be given mini-lessons on how to achieve this goal, so you can master ASL the “DEAF WAY.”

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