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Watch Your Mouth!
Dave Coyne

Facial expressions add a lot of information to daily communication, even shapes made with the mouth, known as mouth morphemes in American Sign Language (ASL). Mouth morphemes play important roles expressing ourselves; however, it still remains to be a struggle for many people learning ASL. Some mouth morphemes add unique meaning to messages and other shapes made with the mouth simply accompany signs. Knowing and working toward mastering these different mouth morphemes help identify and indicate meaning in ASL. Participants in this workshop will learn how to incorporate mouth morphemes into their work through lecture, practice in groups, discussion and group practice activities.

English Idioms: How the Hell Do I Interpret That?
MrShineyhead (Patrick Fischer)

This session focuses on the hearing world’s perspective, expression, and meanings, as well as a part of linguistic studies on how English idioms differ in comparison to several concepts and context when translating into ASL accurately. English idioms have several commonly used phrases. We will show how they are translated into ASL accurately using concepts and context. This is one of the most misused and misunderstood parts of ASL language and culture, to translate from English idioms.

So Many Meanings, So Little Time
Debbie Ward

Participants will analyze multiple-meaning words and their appropriate sign equivalents so that they can make semantically appropriate choices in their sign communication.

Sunrise Service & Religious Signs
Phillip Boyd

This session will focus on ASL related to religion. Participants will learn how to interpret sermons, story's from the bible and even how to change certain songs into proper ASL.

ASL Mastery: The First Time Around
Crystal & Joshua Huffman

Since this is geared toward beginners, we will have A BLAST teaching you the value of learning basic signs right, “the first time around.” You will be given mini-lessons on how to achieve this goal, so you can master ASL the “DEAF WAY.”

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