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Legend has it, [Mattie McLean] never made her presence known until a couple of students started using a Ouija board to talk to her.

According to an essay by Dana Albrecht, who did a study on haunted buildings around campus, Miss Mattie appeared to three girls who were communicating to her with a Ouija board.

They first asked her if she was in the room with them and she replied yes. Then they asked her if she would appear before them and she again replied yes. The girls turned off the lights and all three reported that a bright light appeared and they saw a woman with gray hair, lighter gray face and an even lighter gray outfit.

It was also reported that these girls would ask her questions about her life and then research the answers that appeared on the Ouija board. They said the answers she gave were accurate to that of Miss Mattie's life story.

excerpted from Lindsay Sainlar's article, "Haunted Hill," College Heights Herald, Oct. 30, 2003.

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