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At the Phi Delta Theta house, rattling pipes could just be a plumbing problem, but some residents claim supernatural forces are behind the noise. . . . several rails on their stair banister are missing and sometimes they switch places. One missing from the bottom will be replaced and one from the middle will disappear.

Some say the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house is haunted too. . . . Billy Lester, a Delt who died in the house in the 1980s, haunts his old room. It's still known as "Billy's room," and when no one's around, doors open and close and the stereo even comes on.

. . . before the Lambda Chi Alphas bought their house, a girl was killed there. Members have claimed to see a figure of a young girl running across the lawn. Once a brother went to sleep with a candle lit on his night stand and when he woke up it was at the foot of his bed. The house also has a chandelier that flickers on and off.

Members of Kappa Sigma fraternity also claim to have their own frat house phantom. . . . according to an Ouija board their ghost is a cowboy named Jim. Their house is his own "personal purgatory." He has a specific routine he follows daily and visits each room at a certain time.

excerpted from Melissa Gagliardi's article "Greek Goblins," College Heights Herald, Oct. 29, 1992.

According to Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members, their house on Chestnut Street is occupied by a ghost -- some used to say it was female, but nobody knows now.

"When I was pledging, a brother woke up early one winter morning and came downstairs," [Barry] Miller said. "After he went outside to pick up the paper, a fire had been started in the fireplace.

"No one else was even up at the time, and all the door's were locked. When he told somebody he gave him ZAXs and I mean you don't lie when you say ZAXs to someone."

The English Tudor house, built in the early 1900s, also has another legend.

"One night, a brother woke up during the night because he heard a noise. He went to investigate the noise in the next room, and it was the sound of a typewriter."

[Mark] Wilson said the door was locked, but the brother claimed that a light was on and someone was typing.

excerpted from Perry Hines article "Tales of Horror," College Heights Herald, Oct. 29, 1981.



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