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Field Experience

Undergradute field geology experience can be achieved by involving in field research work mentored by a Geological Sciences faculty member, and/or by enrolling in Introduction to Field Techniques (GEOL 380) course, which is required for Geological Sciences - Geology track but could be elective for  Geological Sciences - Environmental Earth Science track and/or enrolling in GEOL 455 Field Geology course. GEOL 455 could be elective for both tracks.  Take an virtual tour of GEOL 380 class.


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Techniques of geological field work. Topics include sampling, rock identification and description, field notes, and the transition from field to laboratory analysis. Field work is required.

Faculty-led Field Research

Involve with a faculty member in funded or non-funded research related to fieldwork to gather field experience.


Mojave Desert and Death Valley Fieldtrip

A week-long fieldwork at remote locations of the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, California, led by a faculty member as part of the Field Geology course. 

GEOL 455 - Field Geology

Geological field experiences in a variety of settings and locations, designed to teach the hands-on methods of fieldwork and data collection, and the preparation of geologic maps, cross sections and reports

Outside Field Courses

Many of the external field sites below offer 3 and 6 credit hours that are transferable to WKU's GEOG 452 course.  In order to get credit for a field course from another institution, you would need to transfer your academic transcripts to WKU.  If you have any questions about the field course, please contact the field course professor/director directly.  

Not all field experiences are acceptable.  Double check with your advisor to verify that a particular field course will be transferable to WKU.

For your major at WKU, you will need to select a single 6 hour field experience, or a take GEOL 380 plus a 3 credit hour field experience.

Outside Field Courses

Due dates are early, usually first come - first serve.

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