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Most courses are three credit hours. Exceptions are noted in the course descriptions below. 

**Students must have a high school GPA of 2.5 to participate in WKU's Dual Credit Program. New students must submit transcripts after applying. Any other course requirements are listed in the course description. 

Fall 2020 semester will begin Monday, August 24th. Fall 2020 Dual Credit tuition has not been set at this time. 


3 Credit Hours

Art Appreciation-Arts & Humanities Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introductory study of the visual arts.


3 Credit Hours

General Biology-Natural &Physical Sciences  Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introductory course in biology for the non-science major, which emphasizes the diversity and organization of life integrated with major principles and new discoveries


1 Credit Hour

General Biology Lab-Natural &Physical Sciences Lab Colonnade/Gen. Ed

A laboratory course correlated with BIOL 113 for non-science majors emphasizing the scientific process, biological concepts and biological organization.

CHEM 101

3 Credit Hours

Intro to Chemistry-Natural &Physical Sciences w/ Lab Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

A one semester terminal course covering applied chemistry and environmental considerations which can be used for general education requirements in the science field for non-science majors and minors. In-class laboratory constitutes 20 percent of class. 

CHIN 101

3 Credit Hours

Elemenatry Chinese

Conversational Mandarin with basic grammar and basic functional vocabulary of the Chinese language. Includes aspects of contemporary Chinese culture


3 Credit Hours

Fundamentals of Public Speaking- Human Communications Colonnade/Gen Ed.

Focuses on the preparation and delivery of public speeches (informative and persuasive), with skills development in listening, teamwork, and interpersonal communication contexts.

CRIM 101

3 Credit Hours

Intro to Criminal Justice- Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

Survey of criminal justice systems, including police, courts and corrections.

CS 170

3 Credit Hours

Problem Solving & Programming

The fundamentals of problem solving, program design, and program development techniques. A high-level programming language is used and lab experiences are included. The course may not be counted toward a computer science major or minor. 

ACT Math [ Test Score: 22 ] or KYOTE College Algebra [ Test Score: 14 ]


3 Credit Hours

Intro Economics-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

A general introduction to economic concepts, ideas, institutions and methods of analysis with emphasis on the description of economic processes and the functioning of institutions in a market economy.

EDU 250

3 Credit Hours

Discover Teaching

Introduction to teaching including knowledge of teaching, ethics, professionalism, dispositions, diversity, and curriculum. Clinical field experiences are required. Students must arrange transportation and meet P-12 eligibility requirements to fulfill required outside field experiences.

HIM 100
4 credit hours

Health Data Content & Structure

Emphasis on the health information profession, interdisciplinary relationships, health care data management, documentation standards, methods of access and retention of image-based information and maintenance of health information in acute and non-acute care facilities.


2 credit hours

Medical Terminology

A course designed to acquaint the student with the specialized language of medicine and to develop communication skills in areas where use of medical terms is necessary and appropriate.

HIST 102

3 Credit Hours

World History-World History Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

A comparative historical survey of the major political, religious, and cultural developments in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas from 1500 to present.

LEAD 200

3 Credit Hours

Intro to Leadership Studies-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introduction to the basics of effective leadership including an investigation of leadership theories and assessment of leadership styles.

MATH 109

3 Credit Hours

General Math-Quantitative Reasoning Colonnade/Gen. Ed

Terminal course for non-science majors suggested for the student who has satisfactorily completed minimum high school mathematics requirements and needs no further work in algebra.

Math ACT 19 required.

PS 110

3 Credit Hours

American National Government-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

The essentials of the political system and processes, particularly at the national level, in the United States.

PSY 100

3 Credit Hours

Intro Psychology-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introductory course dealing with principles of behavior, scientific methods of psychology, measurement, learning, perception, motivation, development, personality, abnormal behavior, social behavior, intelligence, and other topics.


3 Credit Hours

Intro Biopsycholgy

An introductory class emphasizing the contributions of molecular, cellular, physiological, and evolutionary biology to the scientific understanding of psychological processes. Topics include the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, hormones and behavior, and the interaction of genes and environment.

REC 200

3 Credit Hours

Recreation in Society-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

Introduces the student to recreation, parks and leisure history, philosophical concepts, and trends with attention to recreation sectors and employment opportunities.

RELS 100

3 Credit Hours

The New Testament-Arts & Humanities Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introduction to the historical, literary, and cultural approaches to the New Testament with a view toward understanding and interpretation.

RELS 102

3 Credit Hours

World Religions-Arts & Humanities Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

An introduction to the study of religion from Western and non-Western cultures. The course surveys and critiques definitions of religion and examines topics such as the historical, social, psychological, and ethical implications of a number of religious traditions.

SOCL 100

3 Credit Hours

Intro Sociology-Social & Behavioral Studies Colonnade/Gen. Ed.

Introduction to the basic concepts of society and culture, group behavior, population, class, minorities, community, social institutions and social changes.


3 Credit Hours

Intro Sports Management

The history, principles, and objectives within the sport management profession, overview of sport delivery systems, study of sport as a microcosm of society, and career options within sport organizations.

UC 100
1 credit hour 

College & Career Exploration 

Through this course, WKU instructors will help you examine academic and career choices based on your career interests and unique abilities. You will enhance your soft skills, increase financial literacy, and develop an actionable plan to meet your goals. This is an 8 week long course ending 10/13/20. Learn more.


Is the course you want full? Email Brittney Sholar at brittney.sholar@wku.edu with any questions.


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