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Counseling and Student Affairs

List of Courses

Here is a complete list of courses offered by the Department of Counseling & Student Affairs.

Course Name Hours Course Description
CNS 110 Human Relations 3 hours Theory, concepts, and skills necessary to increase self-awareness and improve relationships in social and academic settings. Processes of managing the problems of everyday life including conflict, and social demands.
CNS 269 Special Topics in Counseling / Guidance 1 to 3 hours Selected topics of significance in counseling and helping relationships. Classroom activities and assignments are variable with credit.
CNS 432 Helping Skills 3 hours Learn to demonstrate proficiency in basic helping skills through understanding how personal characteristics, attitudes towards helping, and attitudes regarding diversity influence helping relationships. Understand the counseling profession, the various counseling specializations, and when/how to refer individuals to appropriate professionals.
CNS 500 College and Career Readiness Foundations 3 hours Overview of college and career readiness; roles and duties of college and career readiness helpers within the school system; and legal, ethical, standards-related issues and implications.
CNS 501 College and Career Consultation & Collaboration 3 hours Consultation models, professional collaborations, and application of concepts and skills with an emphasis on college and career readiness within school macro and micro systems.
CNS 502 College and Career Program Development & Evaluation 3 hours Program development and evaluation, with emphasis on P-16 college and career development and readiness.
CNS 503 Practicum in College and Career Readiness 3 hours Supervised experiences in college and career readiness setting/s.
CNS 548 Principles and Practices of School Counseling 3 hours

Course participants will learn how to design and implement guidance, counseling, and career services at various schools levels, as well as best practices in facilitating and advancing student learning.

CNS 549 School Counseling and Consultation 3 hours This course is designed to prepare students to lead programs and employ consultation strategies in the development and implementation of data driven school counseling programs. Students will learn leadership and school-based consultation principles, theories, skills, and models necessary to enhance the learning environment. Emphasis is placed on the role of the school counselor as a systemic change agent.
CNS 551 Classroom Guidance 3 hours Basic guidance concepts such as encouragement, communication, self concept, discipline, and understanding students within the classroom setting will be presented with practical approaches in working with students.
CNS 552 Testing and Assessment in Counseling 3 hours Methods, techniques, statistics, and instruments used in assessing and evaluating individuals, couples, families, and groups; administering, scoring and interpreting both objective and subjective instruments used in counseling. Survey of research design and statistics. Computer utilization in counseling and use of data in decision making.
CNS 553 Community Resources in Guidance and Counseling 3 hours Surveys social agencies, both public and private, with which counselors and those in the helping field should be familiar. An analysis of the referral process and the utilization of these resources with the clientele with which one works.
CNS 554 Group Counseling 3 hours Dynamics of group development. Group counseling theories, leadership styles, group counseling methods and skills. Interpersonal relationships in the family system and other small group settings. (Limited class size.)
CNS 555 Social and Cultural Diversity 3 hours Philosophical, sociological, developmental, and emotional understanding of multicultural education and counseling as they relate to working with individuals in schools, universities, and other human service settings.
CNS 556 Developmental Career Counseling 3 hours Integrates the career counseling process into the life span from early childhood through older adulthood. Career development theories; career assessment instruments; educational resources; placement; follow up and evaluation. Interrelationships among work, marital, family, and other life roles including multicultural and gender issues.
CNS 557 Human and Family Development in Counseling 3 hours Understanding of the nature and needs of normal and abnormal individuals in the family system at all developmental levels emphasizing moral, intellectual and ethical development. Counseling strategies in the complex developmental relationships among individuals in the family system. Counseling in the life cycle of the family.
CNS 558 Counseling Theories 3 hours Philosophic bases of the helping processes; major contemporary counseling theories and their application in individual and group counseling and in family systems counseling.
CNS 559 Techniques of Counseling 3 hours Prerequisite: Departmental permission. Focus on the development of basic and advanced counseling skills and procedures. Refinement of the skills needed in providing counseling intervention.
CNS 560 Professional Studies in Clinical, Family and School Counseling. 3 hours Course description: Historical, philosophical, and societal dimensions of clinical mental health counseling; marriage, couple, and family counseling; and school counseling. Legal and ethical issues and professional identity in counseling.
CNS 561 Counseling Children 3 hours Theories and techniques of developmental counseling with children.
CNS 562 Counseling Adolescents 3 hours Theories and techniques of developmental counseling with the teenage population.
CNS 567 Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling 3 hours Prerequisite: CNS 558. The identification, treatment plans and referral procedures for emotional concerns across the life span in the mental health counseling field. Principles of etiology, diagnosis, treatment planning and prevention of mental and emotional disorders and dysfunctional behavior.
CNS 568 Counseling Children and Adolescents 3 hours Theories and techniques of developmental counseling with children and adolescents. Topics include: self-concept, social skills, values, moral development, multicultural awareness, child abuse, drug abuse, wellness, and sexual development.
CNS 569 Play Therapy 3 hours Provides an overview of the essential elements and principles of play therapy including history, theories, and techniques. Assists students in understanding the developmental, social, cognitive, and emotional issues that impact children's behavior.
CNS 570 Workshop in Counseling 3 hours Workshop dealing with special problems of current topics in counseling. (May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 hours.)
CNS 571 Introduction to Student Affairs in Higher Education 3 hours History, philosophy, and development of student services. Includes testing and counseling, financial aids, housing, admissions and records, placement, etc.
CNS 572 The College Student Experience 3 hours Characteristics and attitudes of contemporary "traditional" and "non-traditional" college students will be examined. Major topics covered will include the impact of college environments on students, current issues and concerns, and implications for delivery of student services.
CNS 574 Student Development in Higher Education 3 hours Prerequisite: Completion of CNS 571 or concurrent enrollment in CNS 571. This course will examine the developmental processes that impact college students. Major topics will include a discussion of various theoretical models, sociocultural foundations, developmental program designs, and assessment techniques and implications.
CNS 577 Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals 3 hours Basic counseling concepts and applications essential for effective student affairs practice. Restricted to Student Affairs majors.
CNS 579 Seminar in Student Affairs 3 hours This research oriented, discussion course is designed to focus on current issues and practices in Student Affairs.
CNS 581 International Students and Services in Higher Education 3 hours Explores international students' needs and interests and global issues confronting higher education. Focuses on increasing student intercultural awareness as a foundation for student services (domestic and abroad) and study abroad.
CNS 582 Sex Therapy Techniques in Counseling 3 hours Counseling skills and intervention techniques for counselors in training who will be working with couples and individuals with a broad range of sexual concerns.
CNS 583 Couples Counseling 3 hours Prerequisite: 12 hours of counseling courses including CNS 580. Knowledge, skills, and techniques of couples therapy including premarital, marriage and divorce
CNS 585 Leadership and Administration in Student Affairs 3 hours Applications of student affairs leadership theory, organizational theory, administrative policy development, planning and decision-making strategies, change management, and staff selection, training, supervision and evaluation will be examined.
CNS 586 Parenting Issues 3 hours Changing roles and responsibilities of parents, child-rearing practices, diverse parenting situations and decision-making about parenthood. Changing family system and effects of family system on parenting. Provide skills in working with parents and parenting issues for both educators and counselors.
CNS 588 Family Systems Counseling 3 hours The historical development of systems theory will orient the student to theoretical content of human interactions. Students will be helped to think systemically about human issues by focusing on the systems paradigm. Skill development in family system counseling will be developed.
CNS 589 Group Dynamics in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Prerequisites/corequisites: CNS 577 or permission of instructor. Principles associated with the practice of group work in student affairs and higher education settings. Emphasis on group leadership. Course includes a planned group experience.
CNS 590 Practicum 3 hours Prerequisites: Completion of the appropriate practice preparation sequence and departmental approval. Supervised experiences in a school, community college, or university setting. (Course Fee)
CNS 591 Clinical Mental Health/Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Practicum 3 hours Prerequisites: Completion of the appropriate practice preparation sequence and departmental approval. Supervised experiences in a clinical mental health or marriage, couple, and family counseling setting. (Course Fee)
CNS 592 Crisis, Trauma and Violence Counseling 3 hours Theory and practice of crisis, trauma and violence counseling. Application of intervention and prevention strategies in individual, family and systemic crisis, violence, disaster, and trauma causing events.
CNS 593 Career Development in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Career development process throughout the lifespan, emphasis on implications for student affairs and higher education. Career development theories, career assessment instruments, professional resources, decision-making models, and factors inherent to the career development process; evolving economic, political, social and technological conditions.
CNS 594 Research Methods in Student Affairs 3 hours Fundamental concepts of research methodology, including both quantitative and qualitative research design as well as relevant statistical procedures and techniques. Emphasis on both evaluating and conducting research in the student affairs profession.
CNS 595 Internship 3 hours Prerequisite: Completion of the appropriate practice preparation sequence and departmental approval. Supervised experience in a school, community college, or university setting. (Course fee)
CNS 596 Clinical Mental Health Counseling/Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Internship 3 hours Prerequisites: Completion of the appropriate practice preparation sequence and departmental approval. Supervised experiences in a clinical mental health or marriage, couple, and family counseling setting. (Course Fee)
CNS 598 Research and Program Evaluation in Counseling 3 hours Prerequisites/corequisites: Admitted to MAE program in Counseling, School Counseling, or Student Affairs in Higher Education. Research designs in counseling and student affairs. Statistical methods for needs assessment and program evaluation. Action research, evidence-based practice, ethical and cultural implications.
CNS 599 Thesis Research and Writing 3 hours No course description is available. Pass/Fail grading.
CNS 603 Critical Issues and Strategies in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Contemporary issues associated with student affairs and higher education.
CNS 604 Resource Management in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Issues related to financial and enrollment management in colleges and universities, with emphasis on the effective and efficient use of financial and human resources in fulfilling institutional missions and strategic plans.
CNS 605 Social and Cultural Diversity in Higher Education 3 hours Designed to examine the individual and organizational issues of social and cultural diversity in U.S. higher education and to focus on the development of the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to be a multiculturally competent student affairs/higher education practitioner.
CNS 606 Family Counseling Techniques 3 hours Supervised skills development in couples and family counseling. Includes assessment, evidence-based treatments, advanced clinical skills, and evaluating outcomes.
CNS 610 Assessment and Accountability in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Fundamental concepts of comprehensive assessment in student affairs and higher education. Emphasis on program or service assessment and related budget considerations.
CNS 637 Theories of Addictions 3 hours This course involves introduction to theoretical, philosophical and historical premises of addictions. Topics include professional ethics, diversity, family roles and relationships, and dual diagnosis.
CNS 647 Addictions: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 3 hours This course involves the selection, administration, and interpretation of assessment methods and techniques used to diagnose addiction disorders, as well as the development of appropriate treatment plans and issues involved in treatment planning. Admission to or completion of approved graduate program in a helping profession, and Instructor permission and CNS 637.
CNS 651 Readings in Contemporary Counseling 3 hours Significant books and research articles related to counseling theory, theory application, and innovative techniques.
CNS 652 Research in Guidance and Counseling 1-3 hours Research problems relating to the organization and administration of counseling programs. May be repeated once with a different topic.
CNS 653 Brief Counseling 3 hours Prerequisites: Admission to or completion of approved graduate program in a helping profession and instructor permission. Introduction to theoretical, philosophical, and historical premises of brief counseling. Topics include professional ethics, diversity, application to various clinical populations, and utilization of best practices that meet the changing state of mental health care.
CNS 658 Seminar in Guidance and Counseling 3 hours Presentation and discussion of research in guidance and counseling. Emphasizes theoretical and practical criticism of relevant studies in the field. (May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 hours.)
CNS 660 Organization and Administration of Guidance Services 3 hours Administration of human services in counseling including justification of services, staffing, facilities, budget, etc.
CNS 666 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling 3 hours Course provides opportunities for mental health providers to make decisions of an ethical nature about people and deal with possible legal actions that result.
CNS 667 Counseling Substance and Process Addictions 3 hours Counseling issues to substance abuse diagnosis, treatment and aftercare program
CNS 669 Special Topics in Counseling and Guidance 1-3 hours May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 hours.
CNS 670 Parameters of Law in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3 hours Survey of legal issues, cases and concepts; the responsibilities of student affairs administrators to act within the law; and the rights of faculty, staff and students in higher education.
CNS 675 Advanced Career Counseling and Services Administration 3 hours Prerequisites: CNS 556. Examines advanced career counseling topics, process and procedure in the context of the design and delivery of career counseling services to individuals across the lifespan. Focuses on increasing student understanding of counseling techniques, programming, administration, systems and resources for the provision of student/client career services.
CNS 677 Eating Disorders in Counseling 3 hours Etiology, assessment, and diagnosis of eating disorders which will include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder. Existing treatmnet options and preventative measures will also be examined.
CNS 699 Specialist Project 1-6 hours (6 total) No course description is available. Pass/Fail grading.
CNS 700 Maintaining Matriculation 1-6 hours No course description is available.
CNS 710 Leadership in Stress Management 3 hours Prerequisites: Master's degree or instructor permission. Examines the meaning of stress, its effects on the individual and the organization, how it manifests itself, and strategies for its management. Explores the organizational demands that contribute to stress and addresses how leaders in organizations can help provide preventative stress management.

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