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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What is Computer Science (CS)?

Computer Science is the science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers.


Why CS at WKU?

WKU's CS program is special for its small class sizes and emphasis on applied research opportunities. CS at WKU also gives three different paths to take part in which include:

This option requires students to take additional courses in Mathematics and Computer Science. There are also science requirements beyond those needed to satisfy General Education policies. It does not require a minor. 


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This option allows the student to combine the Computer Science major with any minor WKU offers. If a student does not know where to get started looking for a minor, good minors are any of the sciences, Mathematics, Business Administration, or Entrepreneurship.


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This option is for students who are interested in an area which does not have a minor or which is interdisciplinary in nature. A set of courses with the student's interest as their focus is selected by the student with the adviser's approval. The student must take two additional Computer Science Courses: CS 381 Introduction to Computer Network and CS 443: Database management systems. 


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  • Median BS Computer Science Salary: $60,000
  • Some local companies that hire CS: 
  • While others may have to worry about their job security, those in computer science-related careers can rest relatively easy. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, companies from every industry need the proper technical infrastructure and software applications to support their businesses.
  • Going into a technology career doesn’t mean you have to work within the technology industry. Computer science jobs abound in all kinds of industries. Software is a tool that can be useful in nearly any field. This means a Computer Science degree can enable you to work in anything from logistics to forestry to finance—and any number of industries in between.
  • Developing and building understanding of programming languages used in by different companies
  • Being able to create and develop projects using the skills learned within classes
  • Understanding and teaching of math concepts that can be used in programs


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