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Funded Grants


Brausch, A. (2018-2021). Dimensions of emotion regulation in nonsuicidal self-injury and suicide in adolescents.  NIMH R15 AREA Grant. $413,000.


Crandall, K.J (September 2019-August 2022). Bingocize®: An evidence-based health promotion program to improve the quality of life of Tennessee certified nursing facility residents. Civil Money Penalty Grant, United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, $1,007,817.00 


Crandall, K.J., & Neils-Strunjas, J. (2017-2020). Bingocize®: An evidence-based health promotion program to improve the quality of life of Kentucky certified nursing facility residents. Civil Money Penalty Grant, United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, $898,945.


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Main, M. E. (June 2019) Addressing Substance Abuse Disorder and Telehealth in Nurse Practitioner Training to Increase Readiness to Practice (ASTIR). Health Resources and Services Administration (2019-2020). Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Grant, $284,245.00.


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Neils-Strunjas, J. (May 2019). Erasmus Plus International travel grant to Poland, $2,000.


Shake, M. (2018-2021). Bingocize®: A novel mobile application to help maintain or improve older adults' health, function, and cognition.  National Institutes of Health Award #R15AG055906. $417,398.


Shake, M. (2019). Bingocize®: A novel mobile application to help improve older adult health in underserved areas.  Kentucky Academy of Science Summer Research Grant, $3,000.


Shake, M. (2016). Examining cognitive changes in older adults using a mobile application to improve health and functioning.  National Science Foundation EPSCoR Research Scholars Program Grant, $7,439.


Sullivan, D., Crandall, K.J., & Doolittle, A. (March 2020-December 2020). Adding mental health education to the Bingocize® intervention.  WKU College of Health and Human Services, Quick Turn-around Grant, $3,000.


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Watkins, C., & Macy, G. (August 2018-Febuary 2020). Becoming a tobacco-free campus in Kentucky. American Cancer Society, $20,000. 


Zurek, G. (October 2019-September 2020). Mental activating training to reduce the risk of falls for people over 65 years of age. Grant of the Wroclaw Academic Hub / Poland, $1,000.

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