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Biology - Pre-Med Application Process

  • Take the MCAT -  preferably sometime in the March through June "window" of the year prior to your matriculation (eg. May 2010 for Fall 2011).  You can register on-line for the desired test date approximately 3 months prior to the date. Test dates can be found on AAMC web site.  It is highly recommended that you register for a test date and site as early as possible. Prime test dates and sites WILL fill up quickly. You must plan ahead!!!
  • Apply Early- AMCAS permits applicants to create an account and begin entering information in the first week of May, however, you cannot submit your application until around June 3-5 (14 months prior to starting school).  Although files may not be reviewed by admissions staff until MCAT scores are received in late June, they will often send the secondary (supplemental) application to you, especially if you are in-state.  You should get your application in by mid June.  By the end of July, the Kentucky schools have already received a couple of hundred applications. Do not wait until the application deadline!!
  • AMCAS Centralized Application Service-  Go to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Web Site for more details.  AMCAS verifies the accuracy of the information in the application, reproduces the information and sends it to the schools you indicate.  123 of the 132 Medical schools utilize AMCAS, including U-K and U of L.  The charge is $160 for the first school and $30 for each additional school that you apply to.  Application to 5 schools would cost $280.
  • Have transcripts sent to AMCAS.  AMCAS begins accepting transcripts in mid May.  An official transcript must be sent from the Registrar's Office of every school you attended, even study abroad and summer courses, directly to AMCAS.  WKU has an online request form at http://www.wku.edu/registrar/transcript_request.php
  • The application includes an essay or "personal statement".  Don't procrastinate writing your essay.  You should begin months before you submit AMCAS.  Have peers and faculty proofread and criticize. You can also utilize the Writing Center in Cherry Hall
  • Early Decision Program- Around 90% of medical schools participate in an early decision program (EDP) geared toward highly qualified students who know which school they want to attend.  If you participate, you agree to apply to no other school until after October 1st.  UK takes as much as a quarter of their class EDP.
  • See your advisor about setting up your pre-med evaluation committee. If your advisor is not a member of the Pre-Med Advisory Committee, see Dr. Crawford.
  • Print out a copy of the Application for Committee Evaluation.  Fill it out and make copies for each of your committee members.
  • Schedule appointments with your pre-med committee (your academic advisor and 2 other faculty) to interview you about med school.  Two of the three members of your evaluation committee must be members of the WKU Pre-med Advisory Committee.  After the 3 one-on-one interviews the committee members will assemble, compare notes and the chair (your academic advisor) will compose the letter of evaluation.  It may be a good idea to assemble your committee and conduct the interviews before leaving for the summer.
  • NOTE: An interview will not be conducted with a candidate until the MCAT has been scheduled by the candidate. A copy of your reservation must be submitted with yourApplication for Committee Evaluation. In addition, a letter will not be submitted by the committee until your application has been submitted AND an MCAT score has been received by the student's committee chair.
  • After receipt of materials from AMCAS, each medical school will notify the applicant directly for the need of any additional materials ("secondaries").  Return the secondaries promptly, this shows motivation and genuine interest in that school.
  • The interview- If chosen, you will be asked to come to campus for an interview (any costs for travel is paid by the applicant).  While a good sign, an interview does not guarantee acceptance. Each of the state supported schools in Kentucky may interview 200-300 applicants for a first year class of  115 (UK) and 160 (UL).  For a students take on this process, go to the interview feedback page

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