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WKU Genome Discovery and Exploration Program

Genome Discovery . . . You can SEA the Difference!


 What will I gain from participating in the Genome Discovery and Exploration Program?

  • Participation in real scientific research.
  • Troubleshooting skills as you face real time problems.
  • Skills in using state of the art genomics research tools.
  • Confidence to conduct independent research.
  • You will gain an understanding of the process of scientific inquiry.
  • You will have great stories to tell your friends and family (children, grandchildren, pupils...).

Why is this Important?

  • The results of your genome discovery will be published in the national genome databases.
  • Your newly discovered genomes will help us understand the relationships between viruses and their hosts.
  • Your participation in this new research oriented course will help us understand the importance of inquiry based methods of instruction in the education process.
  • You will be able to see, first hand, how to apply your coursework.

WKU Genome Discovery and Exploration Program (GDEP)

The Western Kentucky University Genome Discovery and Exploration Program is part of the National Genomics Research initiative sponsored by the Science Education Alliance at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. WKU is the only Kentucky college or university chosen to participate in this program.

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The SEA  is designed to develop a research pipeline that will engage freshman and sophomores in meaningful research that will improve the production and quality of 21st century scientists. It is the mission of the SEA  to be a national resource for science education by: 1) developing and providing new materials and methods to the education community, and 2) Assembling and supporting educator networks engaged in common activities.


The goals of the National Genomics Research Initiative are to:

  • Educate students by giving them experience in genomics research
  • Empower students and faculty
  • Foster local and national collaborations

Program Details

The NGRI course focuses on freshman and spans the entire freshman year.


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WKU Genome Discovery and Exploration Program

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